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What do you eat in a day???


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Hi everyone!!

I started weight watchers yesterday and still getting to grips with it at the moment,it would be a real help to hear what sorts of things everyone is eating in a day to give me a good idea of what to aim for as i can have 26 points a day which seems like a lot to manage to fit in,
What i ve had this morning......

B- 250ml Innocent smoothie-2.5 points
2 slices milk roll-2 points
Bertolli light-1 point

Does this look right so far??? Thanks so much!!!!!!:D
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I think that looks about right, check out peoples food diarys and weight loss diaries (on the main page) to see what we all eat :) Its a realy help to get some inspiration from others.


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The beauty of weight watchers, is you can eat what you like so long as it is within your points allowance. Obviously you should try and include all the food groups (fruit & veg, carbs-wholegrain, protein, dairy and healthy fats etc) and try and eat your 5 a day. But I must admit I don't always practise what I preach! lol

Breakfast looks fine and just maybe try and adapt your normal diet to a low point diet. For instance, If you normally have a sandwich, crisps and yoghurt for lunch... then you can still have this, you just need to make a few tweaks here and there.
You could use Weight Watchers bread (0.5points per slice) spread with extra light spread (1point per 2 teaspoons) filled with 60g chicken breast (1point) and no point salad- tomato, cucumber, lettuce etc. Have this with quavers(1.5points), Walkers french fries (1.5points) or skips (1.5points) and then have a weight watchers toffee or vanilla yoghurt for (0.5points each). This lunch would only work out at 5points!!!!

Then for dinner you could have anything from a Weight Watchers pizza oval(3.5points) to a homemade casserole, mash and veg or a homemade curry and rice. Thenthere are the Weight Watchers ready meals which are great when you are in a rush! It all depends what you like to eat. Roast dinners can be pretty low in points if you don't have too many roast potatoes (1.5points for a small roast potato), just fill your plate with lots of zero point veg and roast chicken breast with no skin.
Another meal choice.... Fish fingers are generally only 1point each and oven chips aren't too bad.

Anyway goodluck with your diet Hun!!!


I think one of the important things whilst on WW is to try to enjoy your food. The options for meals are endless and after a few weeks you will get to know what suits you, both points wise and also your taste, and how filling each meal is. At this stage I know off hand point values for most of the things I eat and it helps me plan ahead for meals and I of course have my favourite meals which I have more often and as long as they fit into your allowance then happy days.

There was a time where I was left in the evening with a lot of points to use up and ended up having a cup of tea and several WW cakes/biscuits just to use up my allowance. But I now try to use the points up over the course of the day, for example having a bigger breakfast etc. I still like a little cup of tea and 1 treat to end the day on though. Hope this helps! - Gerry