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What do you eat on wi day?

I do the reverse on weigh in day, my WI is at 9am and I have a bit of a blow out on the way home. Stopped off for a scone this morning, the way I see it is I have all week to work it off, but I vowed this morning that it was my last WI morning doing this.
Oooh i wish my wi was in the morning, its murder trying to be super good all day on a tuesday.

Waterford, did you have a good wi today?
Yes I lost 2.5 lb today, that is 6.5lb in my first two weeks. So close to my 7lb*. Fingers crossed I will get there next week.
I usually have scrambled eggs for brekki, which keeps me full until lunch. Then for lunch i have ww tomato soup, i also drink loads of water until 3pm then i dont have a drink until after weigh in at 6pm.
Im weighed on a Tuesday evening (tonight eeekkk) lol but I eat normally but I dont have my tea until I get home! It does make me soooo hungry but because of that I have to have tea planned! sometimes i put on a meal in the slow cooker so I can just eat when i get in!!
well some kind of miracle did occour! i sts, i am not upset but also not thrilled as i actually didnt go over my weeklies and cant understand why i cant eat more of them and lose weight! anyway at least i didnt out on.


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Well done on your wi, 6.5lbs is great in 2 weeks, silver 7 for you next week ;)
well done waterford - thats fab.

I eat my usual brekkie (porridge) and a light lunch usually something salad-like - have some fruit around 3pm and a drink then nothing till wi at 7pm (Thurs) bring a drink with me and have it as soon as I am weighed lol oh and day before I try to stay off carbs and heavy food pasta etc so it don't sit in my stomach. cook dinner before I go so it ready when I get in, we usually have chicken curry or I get kebabs on way home as a treat chicken shish of course ;)
i try to have little as possible on WI day, mine is a monday night and to be hnest work is normally too bust for me to pee never mind eat, iv tried fruit and to just stick to that on WI day, iv been told not to drink too much before being weighed but i dont knwo if it makes a massive difference, iv been in 2 minds each time wether to have a small blow out after being weighed on the monday, i had a KFC last night after being weighed and i felt like crap for it, kinda guting as i do love a KFC and now im a bit put off :cry:


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I used to do Ww for long time and found as long as I ate in a similar way every weigh in I would be ok. I used to have light point day them catch up after weigh in!! Xx
I totally agree with this point. I am rejoining next week and have decided to have my first weigh in after a normal day and then every week can be a normal day prior to being weighed. i learnt this from being close to target last year. One day of not eating gives you the figures you may want but it is for that night only and by next week i often STS. It is more accurate not to treat weigh day as any different to the other 6 days. Just my thoughts for what they are worth xx
my weigh in is Thursday (tomorrow:eek:) at 6.30 and as much as Im hungry im reluctant to eat scared Im going to gain :rolleyes: but then come home and have something to eat :sigh:
Our WI is Sunday morning when we wake up as we are DIY.

Dont know what i would eat if WI was in the evening, maybe just drink water all day lol
very good advice bightonrosie!

On WI day I usually weight myself as soon as I get out of bed on Sunday morning for my e-source weigh-in. Then, I have brunch (I usually wake up at 10/11 am on that day :D) and I eat nothing else until my Sunday evening WI (7pm). I take with me a couple of fruits for after weigh-in and then I go happily to the restaurant with DF because of course I have a lot of points to spare. It's always worked for me because I like going out on Sunday night and normally I don't start feeling hungry after my brunch until 6/7 pm anyway.

When I was going to meetings on a working day (Wednesdays usually) I was having my lunch at 12 on that day and have a slimfast lunch bar and some orange juice and then nothing until after weigh-in. I know it wasn't the best lunch but once a week it hasn't hurt too much! :)

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