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What do you eat?

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Hi all,

I'm new to CC, but not so much to minimins. Tried a lot of diff diets and never can find the right one.

Lost 10lbs on the old ww diet, put it all back on so tried sw and didnt get on with it (i love carbs to much, i over ate im sure) and was going to try the new ww diet, but reviews are very hit and miss with it, so i've decided to try and cc. Think this will be the best way as i can fully control it and dont have to buy special things specifically for diets, i can just look on packets or online etc.

Anyway, this looks like a friendly forum so I was just wondering what sort of things do you eat for breakfast and lunch? (i saw the dinner thread which is great!)

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Breakfast for me is either oat so simple porridge or special K. Occassionally I'm have scrambled egg with a bit of ham or smoked salmon.... but can't often be bothered with that, lol!!!

Lunch is often a bought sarnie from tesco's and Wotsits or Quavers. Or a salad with ham, or chicken. Or tuna and jacket potaato. Or salad with a ready meal (often pasta, it's my fav) on the days when I'm exercising.

Good luck. x


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For breakfast i love muesli and a piece of fruit. And for lunch usually some pasta or a sandwich with a packet of wotsits.


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Hay i have speacial K for breakfast on most mornings (the new cluster range is very nice) when I have to be out early.The M&S fuller for longer salads are good if your on the go, apple , skinny mocha's are good ...
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For breakfast I have a Slimfast chocolate milk shake (220 cals) and for lunch I have a large salad mixed with half a packet of tesco's Mediterranean couscous and a handful of prawns or for lunch I sometimes make my own potato and leek soup and have a roll or salad with it.

The Moog

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Breakfast tends to be yoghurt and fruit. I make low fat bio yoghurt and generally have it with fresh blueberries, raspberries or strawberries. Sometimes I'll have it with a few brazil or walnuts.

Lunch is often soup (or has been across the winter). Today it was 2 bite-sized scotch eggs, a low-fat baby bel, some Jacob's crackers and a Granny Smith apple - all in for 200 cals. Tomorrow it's grapes, low cal boursin, crackers and a green leaf salad.

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