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So who out there likes the new extra easy plan? i have tried it for a couple of weeks and managed to gain half a pound. I believe that this plan is probably great for those new to slimming world, but if you have been following green or original days for a long time, i don't think it works. I would love to hear any success stories using extra easy
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hi there
I came on this morning to post something very similar to your thread. I have been doing slimming world for nearly 18 months and i've lost 6.5 stone (still got about 2-3 stone to go ) but.. and i know some might hate me for saying this.. but EE is not working for me at all, i made a vow last week to be 100% good which is something that in the whole 18 months i rarely do , i weighed, measured, counted every single thing that needed weighing and didnt go over on syns, ate loads of speeds and stayed mostly on extra easy, its not time of the month or anywhere near it , i put on over christmas and still have that weight to lose (which you think would come off easy once back on plan 100%) and i went to class yesterday and didnt lose anything, infact the scales were hovering near to putting on 1/2 lb!! I am really really p'd off about it,and its niggling away at me . I trust in slimming world totally or i would still be with that 6.5 stone, but why isnt EE working for everyone?It should work for everyone .. not just new members or certain people .. but its not.. and its not just me thats saying that.. i know quite a few people who are saying its not working for them either.

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It's not for me, as I eat hardly any meat so stick to green days all the time and use the occasional bacon or whatever as a HEXB. I always have two HEXAs as I drink loads of weak decaf tea all day long instead of water and need more than one HEXA for the skimmed milk I use. So although I looked at the EE plan and thought it was good, I don't think it would work for me.:(


Interesting thoughts - I have this week re-started the SW plan and feel that in the main that the extra easy plan will be a good thing for me and my family as my husband loves red days but I prefer green days, so this plan is a good compromise for us.

But, I have yet to go through a few weigh ins on this extra easy to say if it works for me.

For those of you where this didnt work did you also follow the rules of making sure that one third of each meal was the superfree foods? Just a thought.


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hey..... its Day 1 for me... is there a difference in the plans...? whats the old plan?

sorry for noob questions


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I've only tried one day of EE, I had tuna with my pasta salad for lunch, and chicken in my veg stir fry. I felt deprived missing out on the healthy extras, and I think I'll only do EE on a Saturday where I have time for a cooked breakfast with potatoes and can save my hex b for later. It's nice to have another choice though, but I'm used to red and green and don't have faith that it would work for me if I did it every day! It's also hard to guess a third of superfree veg when you're making casseroles etc instead of just dishing things up on a plate, if you see what I mean...


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Love it , love it , love it

Lost 4 lbs this week, was the kick up the * I needed.

If I fancy all my HE I have a green day but I find it more flexible from an evening meal point of view when you are feeding a family..

We had lamb chops, mash, peas & gravy last night.. yummy..

Just feels like normal food.



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I just love it, i used to do green days but missed meat and couldnt get used to quorn (yuk), but didn't like red days as not enough carbs for me. Last week i done ee, not 100% though as i was weaning myself back in after xmas and i still managed to lose 2lbs. I have been doing it 100% since tuesday so when i weigh in i will let you all know the results. I feel really healthy and i feel as though i have lost more weight but i'm refusing to go on the scales yet.


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this is interesting as i have put on 2lbs too this week and have been doing extra easy, today i could count it as green and syn the fish i had at lunch or extra easy and syn the cheese i had on jacket potato, depends on what i fancy for tea. i think i may have to revert back to green days as i dont think its working for me either


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2lb gain for me too on EE. I don't trust it at all now....


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I sts on a week of EE but could have been due to TOTM too so on monday i will have done 100% 2 weeks on EE, if no loss mon then back to mixing days for me.
It should be working for everyone in the same way, seems not though!!!


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i really like ee did gain 1 this week but thinking back to all the hidden syns i did not write down its a miracle it was not more and just came on as well


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Hi again everyone
I have to agree with sm1ler , extra easy doesnt seem to be working the same for everyone , which you would imagine if sliiming world have brought it out , then it should work pretty well for everyone. I know everyone is thinking of reasons , time of the month, exercise, a day off the rails etc, but some of the people commenting on here have been doing slimming world for a long time and have said they have done it 100% and either hardly lost/ maintained/ or even gained .. and there again some have done extra easy all week and had really good losses . I am totally puzzled by it . I have been following slimming world for 18 months now and know the plans very well . .. and is not really rocket science if you read the books properly, weigh HXA & B's and check syn values. I have followed EE for 2 weeks and ive not been pleased with my losses . last week i gave it 110%, no TOTM, no meals out or extra syns etc and i lost 1/2 lb. Its been niggling away at me ever since .. Im quite p'd off about it to be honest , so as much as i did enjoy extra easy , i have only done the odd day or 2 this week .

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If you stick to the original plans and you have been for a while i dont think EE is going to have an amzing effect, its is for begginers and people who are stuggling to get back on track and for those people, like myself it has worked amazing, it has made me get the books out again, wright it all down and i am seeing the difference, and enjoying it again.... But they have said from the start red and green cannot be beaten, it is the better weight loss.. so if that is working for you i would say stick to it..... But if you are struggling of just starting it is a good way to get you into changing your eating habbits for the better.


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Hi all I rejoined slimming world and in 6 days I lost 4lb on the ee plan it works for me and Im used to doing green and original days I really like it and hope I lose weight this week too. I think diff plans suit diff people if it doesnt work just stick to what you know does. xx


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I can understand that maybe this is true that different plans work better for different people, but surely this EE should work reasonably well for everyone, or they should have brought it out with a get out clause saying "might not work for everyone" LOL
good job i can laugh about it ..or i'd cry ! :eek:)
We had amazing results in class this week with EE. One lady in her 6th week of the diet lost 5lb, another 3lb, another 4lb.
I rejoined last week and have tried EE all week and lost 2 1/2 lb. I usually lose more than this on red and green but it is my star week approaching so I will try it again this week and see what happens.
Very positive comments in my class though:)


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I'm following the plan myself at home, using mags and slimming world cook books! I lost 2lb last week and if the scales are still the same when I weigh in on Sunday (in my bathroom!) I'll have lost another 2lbs on EE... So even though I'm not sure if I'm doing it right! I love it!

Usual days food:

Danone lasting satisfaction yogurt and fruit for brekkie
Mini baby bel snack HEA
Salad or pasta and meat or fish for lunch
Evening meal from Slimming world cook book!
I use my syns for a glass of wine with tea and sometime a little bar of choc, or extra cheese!
Try to incorporate veg or salad into tea also.

I don't usually have my HEB unless I'm having a "fry" up on the weekend and then I may have some toast.

Any comments on menu appreciated! :)


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I've been doing EE since I got back on track last week and stuck to it 100%. Last weeks WI I lost 2.5lbs, which I was (only slightly) disappointed with as I've not been on the plan for weeks - I am giving it another few WIs to get a better overall idea of results. I find EE soooo much better for me as I can combine my foods much easier (as the plan name suggests). I've found previously that if I do mostly red days I don't lose weight and with green it's a slow and steady process. If I can follow EE and lose around 2lb a week I'll be elated!!! I'll keep you posted.


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Love the new plan.

Have been struggling for months to shift the last 4-5 lbs..one on, one off, sts, but have been doing this along with Wii Fit for 2 weeks & have lost 4lbs, so now only have 2 lbs to go!

I know that doesn't quite add up, but I did put a few on over Xmas!!