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What do you think

If you really want an honest opinion and weren't just hoping for us all to say we love it - here goes ....................... I think it's lovely :) I'd certainly have one for a light stow-away.
i have one exactly the same so i must be a chav lol.

i have also a pair of pink wellys to match to walk my doggies in :eek:

im a chav wiv wellys :D
I like it
I love the colour too.

Can someone tell me what a chav is please ??

Do I have to learn a new language before I come back to the U.K. ?
Chav ( ) is a term applied to certain young people in the United Kingdom. The stereotypical "chav"--known also as a charver in Yorkshire and North East England--is an aggressive teenager, typically unemployed or of white working class background, who repeatedly engages in anti-social behaviour ...

thats the polite explanation of a chav Sue, we cant be chavs happyholiday in our pink coats unless we tuck our socks onto our trainers lol ;)
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Originally it was 'Cheltenham Average'.

It is the white working class, 'yeah but, no but, yeah but'. They would also wear their hair as a 'Clapham Facelift'. Tightly pilled back in to a pony tail.


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Thank you all, what was I doing listening to a man when they just don't know anything:rolleyes:

Hey don't put us all in the same boat, was going to say not very chav like at all.

However after that comment i'll go for chavtastic, now bling it up with some big costume jewelry the tackier the better.


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I like it..

I love the chav explanations as well


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I like it, especially the pattern. Granted, if you teamed it with joggers tucked into your socks, lots of gold chains and a very tight, unfeasibly high ponytail, you may border on chav territory!


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I think the jacket is lovely and is doesnt look chavvy at all! Brilliant for this weather :). The only problem for me would be that its pink (i just dont like pink, lol!). I know its strange for a girl!

I bet you look lovely in it! :D