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what do you think??

hello everyone, hope everyone ok? i have done cd several times before, but since meeting my new boyfriend i have gained quite a bit of weight and now all my clothes are not fitting, i was thinking of doing cd for the next 2 and half weeks until xmas, just to make me feel a bit better as its really getting me down. What do you think??
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Hi, I've now done 2 1/2 weeks and have lost 17lbs but have only just got my energy back. Honestly I don't think it's worth it to only do it till Xmas, it's a hard time to stick to a healthy eating plan anyway and if you wont be moving up the plans it will be too easy for the weight to just go back on.xx


Girl on a mission
hi there, there is no real point of doing cd for 2 weeks unless you plan to low carb through the christmas period, as you'll lose say a stone maybe a bit more then if you start to drink alcohol, eat carbs etc, you'll have the dreaded glycogen gain and will put on at least half of what you lost in the first week.

I'd say just healthy eat till xmas xx
Not sure I totally agree Dappy; I felt so much better physically and emotionally after just 2 weeks that it could be worth it. After 2 weeks my joint aches had also disappeared, I was less breathless and didn't sweat as much.
But you continued for longer than 2 weeks Goreygirl. As dappy has just said the weight will go back on. Louise I would opt for a healthy eating plan that you can follow for longer than 2 weeks and build some exercise into your routine or start cd after Xmas.xx
I guess it depends on whether you can do "healthy eating and exercise" .. i know I couldn't have ... that's why I ended up on CD.. I needed something more drastic... so for me even 2 weeks on CD by the time some big event came around would have been better than the real alternative. But I guess for each person it's a personal decision.


Girl on a mission
What i was saying was what is the point of doing cd for 2 weeks, then eating normally over the christmas period, thats using cd as a crash diet and thats not what its intended for.

If Louise was intending to low carb over christmas then it would be ok i suppose. But don't see the point otherwise.

I agree there.. (mis-understood your original post) .. could make yourself ill if you do CD then eat normally (i.e lots of cakes, sweets, big dinners etc) over xmas versus continuing some sort of low carb & low calorie plan.
all great points made. also it might be a waste of money.

it's your choice but to loose quite a lot in 2 weeks then put say even half back on might make you ill, bit much for the body to take. i think just watching what you eat for the next few weeks, then have a nice christmas then start cd again after that.
If you can eat low carb and not go mental over Christmas, I would personally do CD for a couple of weeks. In that time you could lose a fair bit of weight, and it will make you feel so much better! However, if you plan on having a tonne of carbs and alcohol, I'd recommend being very healthy and complex carbing/low calorie until then.

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