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Hi guys

Ive got abit of a problem...... this morning my fiances father sadly passed away, my fella is from wales and we live in Yorkshire so theres going to be ALOT of travelling over the next week or so and i dont know what to do about the diet as im thinking its going to be a bit difficult fitting the shakes in seeing as you cant make them up to take with you really :confused:

Any suggestions at this difficult time??
Thanks xx
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I'm sorry to hear about your sad news, and big hugs to the both of you. If you think you can and want to continue the diet, try and get some flapjacks which are so conveniant and personally I loved them! They are not to everyone's taste though. However if you feel that it is too difficult to stick with it at this time then follow the refeed and then go back to it when you are ready. If you could refeed and then maybe use 2 maintenance products and a meal, this could also give you more flexibility. Maybe give LT a ring and see what they suggest. Good luck with whatever you decide hun, and all the best with everything. xx


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hey! so sorry about your news dear, but if you think you can stick to it thru all this then u have balls of steal girl! wat i usually do if im off for a long drive is bring my shaker and 2 bottles of water and my shakes of course in the car. after making my first up i just wash out my shaker with one bottle of water and pour the 'dirty' water back into that bottle. then its ready to use again for my 2nd shake, obviously using the fresh water lol!! x x


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Hi Babybear
sorry to hear your sad news.
When I have had to travel, I have taken my shaker and shake and water with me, and made up as and when required.
Your circumstance is difficult and you need to decide yourself whether to re-feed and then restart again in a while.
Whatever you decide, I am sure it will be the right decision.
Again, sorry to hear your sad news and hope your fiance is ok and coping well in the circumstances.
Thanks for the support guys ;)

Dont know whether im brave enough to try the flapjacks after all their bad press haha... good idea tho, i might pop in2 chemist 2moro and see what lady says..

Its a shame the shakes werent like the slimfast shakes... already made :confused:



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Im sorry to hear that honey :hug99:

Do you have a portable shaker? You can buy them from most supermarkets and your chemist they are about £5. Easy to make up your shake whilst on the go :)


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really sorry to hear your sad news. it must feel really hard to cope with the news and continue this diet. as others have said you could try taking shaker and water with you but i can understand how stressful it must be - for both of you. you could refeed as suggested and come back to it when you are feeling stronger. good luck whichever way you choose.


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If i had any advice it would be to stay away from the flapjacks!! Iv got 2 shaker bottles that i got from asda for £4 each (one for home and one for work.) They are brilliant and i make every shake using them. Id highly recommend getting one.


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Hi Jody,
Condolences on the death of your fiances father. He will need a lot of support at the moment and may be relying on you to keep things going.
Wishing you all the best with whatever you decide, but in my opinion the flapjacks are great. We are all different, with varying likes and dislikes, therefore you should at least give one of each a try before you decide to count them out. Best wishes for the coming days.


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Sorry to hear about you loss. I would try the flapjack (I like the peanut one - reminds me of dry roasted peanuts). Also take the shaker too, that way you have options of what to eat.


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I'm sorry for your loss.

If you do stick with LT, then even a 500ml bottle of water is fine, with no need for a separate shaker if you don't already have one. Just drink a bit, get the powder in and shake well :) dead easy, mixes well etc.

But I understand it could be very hard to manage it over the ne
xt few days/weeks. As other say, speak to your pharmacist and LT, for their suggestions. Maybe the maintenance would be a good way to go forward for a short time, still get a bit of weight loss and be easier to get back onto LT 100%.


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Sorry for the sad news. I really hope that you can make the right decision for yourself and your LT journey. Where there is a will, there is a way, is the saying, all the advice on how to make the LT diet portable has been said, already. Wjhatever you decide, we are all here to support your decision, take care. xxxx
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All you need on the go is a bottle of water. Drink a bit and pour in the powder and shake away. (remember to put the lid on of course :D)

Its what i use at work every day and when im goign out after work

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