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What foods or drinks make you feel bloated?

I wasn't sure where to put this thread but as the title says what foods or drinks make you feel bloated.

I have felt and looked bloated for a few days now and I figure it's down to a week of eating bread and takeaways with the fridge and freezer being broken, bread is a big one for me, especially bread rolls. Or anything pastry.

I'm asking because it's something I've suffered with since being a teenager and I'm trying to pinpoint foods that may be triggering it. I thought maybe other people may suggest things that I hadn't thought of! I'm going to have a week without bread and see how I get on. I think maybe milk may also be trigger.

What problem foods do you have?
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Its strange, I can tell when im sat down as I just feel like a whale.

I try not to eat too much pasta but its a bit hard as a staple food in our house.
Bread and a lot of pasta. I can get away with a little bit of pasta but when we have a lot (which we do as we're allowed it on slimming world) I always feel bloated after, it's something we're trying to cut back on because of that.
Thank you.

Pretty all the same things as me it seems. I gave up eating bananas quite a whole ago as they were a huge trigger for me.

I do find wraps have less of a bad effect than bread slices or rolls if that helps anyone.
I've been struggling to see losses recently, I wonder if it's the enormous bananas I've been eating this week?
It wouldn't hurt to give it a try if you're stuck. I was sceptical when the group suggested it at first but after 3 weeks of small/no losses thought I'd give it a go and lost 3.5lbs (reckon some of that was from being good the previous weeks too) but my friend eats 2 a day and still loses so think it's just down to the person


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Bread and fizzy drinks for me. I hardly eat much bread now at all, which is extremely hard as previously I loved eat AND making it. Baking bread was one of my favourite things to do. :( I've told myself that once I've hit goal I'll make one rustic loaf on the weekends, for OH and I to eat, and stay bread-free during the week.

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