What do you want to look good in?!


Queen of the Damned
Apart from your birthday suit of course :rolleyes:

For me, I want to be able to throw on a pair of jeans and a white teeshirt and feel sexy!! :D

So, what about you? :)
You know what i am going to say

Batty Riders

Nah that is so ninties !!!!!

I would like to look good in the same actually - but a spaghetti strapped top and tight jeans and be able to wear some high heeled wedges

I want curves in all the right places
I think I've had to accept I'll NEVER look good in my birthday suit <big sigh>.

In fact, I can't actually imagine looking 'good' in anything - I think I'm just looking forward to being more inconspicuous and not looking terrible.

Debbie x
I look good in anything......all I have to do is take my specs off when I look in the mirror.

I want to be able to wear a dress with tiny spaghetti straps.

With a chest like mine I have to wear bras that any civil engineer would be proud of to have designed!!!
I wear a body protector when I ride.....not to protect against injuries but to hold my flaming boobs in place :rolleyes:. OH took some video of me trotting. Honestly at one point I have one up by my shoulder and the other down by my waist...

So slinky little number without the steel upholstry underneath please.
In fact, I can't actually imagine looking 'good' in anything - I think I'm just looking forward to being more inconspicuous and not looking terrible.

Debbie x

Ah Deb, you deserve so much more than that - aim for the stars babe, you'll at least reach the sky :D
....a fitted, red(slut red) strapless dress, black stilletoes and a look on my face that says.."don't even try it.....you couldn't afford me!".....LMAO

P.S. you ALL know the shade of red I'm referring to!!! It's not just red it's RED!!!!!!!!:eek: :cool:
My fantasy outfit would be a nice pair of fitted, trendy jeans and a crop top (I have never ever worn one in my life!) that just skims at the top of a flat and toned stomach!

However, right now my reality dictates that the best I look good in is a long shirt dress worn over 3/4 length trousers....
shaz what are batty riders???

think mine is a skirt - i've never ever had decent legs!

They short shorts Hels!!! :D Think Kylie's gold hotpants!! :D :D
A belly piercing but the only problem with that is that I am a wuss and would never get one done or show it off if I did get one done :D
hmmm....i like the idea of jeans an white tshirt too...although , jeans any a lil string top works for me too lol...

Id really love to be able to go in and buy a set of leather for the bike without havin a sneaky look at the sizes sorta holding it up and wondering if it actually would fit me
*which generally they wont* but really pretending i dont want a set...does that make sense??lol
I'd like to wear a skirt or trousers without worrying whether my backside is covered up, and I'd like it not to look like two puppies fighting in a sack when I walk.

Hi Scotty,

I am still thinking about the two puppies...very vivid imagination working over time

Love Mini xxx
I went to a wedding the other week & wore this dress...

first time I have worn it in 9 years...the only other time I wore it was for the first works Xmas party I ever went to with my OH!!! I have had it hanging in the cupboard ever since knowing I would wear it again one day!!!

One very happy dress wearing Nicky