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what do you want under your tree for xmas

I was going to ask Santa for a slow cooker but then I thought that actually I would like that before Christmas to make the most of it so that has come off the list.

I would like a proper coat. I have several 'fashionable' coats but not one that is waterproof or particularly warm! We go camping a lot so a nice, warm and waterproof coat would be good. Hints have been dropped.

I would like some nice black leather boots. Hints have been dropped.

I would like some vouchers to go clothes shopping. Suggested shops have been hinted at.

I would like Vinegar Hill vouchers. I haven't yet mentioned this shop. Hints will be dropped!!

Santa, I have been a very good girl and deserve all of the above!!


I can do this............
My oh keeps asking me this and quite frankly i cant think of anything apart from clothes!!! I will probably ask for vouchers so much easier!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
George lamb.... not wearing anything but a bow and a smile hahahaha
Lush stuff
MAC make-up


A 14.2hh weight carrying piebald cob :D hehe
Oooo Princessria now we're talking! Lol.

I just want to have some new nice clothes...dont care when I get them as money is a bit tight at the moment. I know Im not getting anything from Hubby for my birthday, so I think Christmas is going to be the same. :(
mrs v my oh was made redundant a year ago so we are keeping prezies to a min hes get me boots lol out of his mums catalouge and im buying him a footie shirt lol dont know where im geting the other stuff from have told everyone not to buy me coz i cant get them back.
ive bought myself a couple of nice things cheap of ebay got a sequined dress new with tags for 4.00 its 20.00 plus in the shops and some shoes from next also new in box for 4.50 .


Slow but sure....
I would like my son home from New Zealand, he has been travelling and working there since November 2007, so this will be his 3rd Christmas away from home - and I miss him so much......so I should love to see him under my tree on Christmas morning.

But, it will probably be May next year before he gets back home.
I'm not really wanting for anything to be honest, there'll be some books on there, a jelly stand if I haven't got round to buying one by then, and maybe a Pandora bracelet, other than that I'll ask for vouchers for Next I should think!
To be honest, I'm very lucky in that If I want something I can usually get it so I don't want for anything in that respect. I'm very happy to have my family all together for a lovely Xmas dinner - that's enough for little old me!!
Omg how scary would that be he's so loud. you'd be irrated after 30mins of his voice!!
somehow i don't think it's his voice she's interested in :rotflmao:


Nojo on the YoYo
Anything in a size 12 from a skinnie minnie shop (eg Oasis) and have it fit me. Like a bloody cotton pickin' glove.

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