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What does your username mean?


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Mine name is Liz and through life some friends have called me Lizbe ( Elizabeth)and because I am always sooooooooo busy they called me busybee....kinda stuck. I don't want them to stop really just incase they realise that as I am getting older I ain't so busy!!!!


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My actual name is Sarah and Sarette is a pet name my Dad called me when I was little, and still does now sometimes in fact :)

Purple Hugs

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mine is 2 things I love.. Purple and Hugs! ;)


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Katy... nickname. Cakes... ouch. I guess cakes are why I'm here! I noticed a lot of us have food-related user names, or even names about our size... wonder what our names say about our self-esteem?


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Love this thread,

I AM 40 altho my nic gives the impression I am working towards it !! I turned 40 last birthday and it had a HUGE impact on me, really didn't think I would be fat and forty but I was...

Maybe I should change it to Diet4-41 lol


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My first name is Catriona, hence the Cat, and my surname begins with a B, hence the Bee....:D

Cat Bee x


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Mine's my middle name ....


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Mine speaks for itself really - this time I am Gunna Make it :):):)


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My name is Louise, when i was in the RAF my mate used to call me pooie louie and I called her smelly kelly. The A comes from my surname!


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My hubby's nickname for me is Gromit (as he looks like Wallace) and it got shortened to Grom - he never calls me by my real name. And at work everyone calls me H - beginning to forget what my name actually is!!!


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I'm grandslamgirl because when i went to SF to watch baseball i saw about 4 grand slams in one game. My then boyfriend called me grandslamgirl and it stuck from then on :)


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I was originally Karion Dieting, (as in 'keep on dieting'), but most people called me KD.

Then I realised that I hadn't dieted for the whole time on here...D'oh. I joined here just after it opened already maintaining, so I changed it to KD :clap: