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What exercise works for you??


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When I do exercise (as long as Im not distracted) I always do one of my Davina McCall dvds. I enjoy them & get results but recently I feel I want to try new things at home & wondered what others do.

Im considering the Wii Fit but don't want to splash out if its not worth it.

Wondered what everyone does & if it works/changes your body :)
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Davina is the b***ocks. Stick with Davina hun, there's no better exercise DVD on the market. Maybe take advantage of the good weather by taking a mate for a stomp around the park a couple of evenings a week. That'll see you right!!

Wii Fit is ok but you'll get bored of it and fall off the plate loads. If you already have a Wii then just do the boxing and the tennis, they're enough to get you out of puff!


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Thanks you two for the thumbs up for Davina! I just rented it from the library and am going to try it out this week before deciding to buy it. Was supposed to this morning but was too tired so am going to give it a go tomorrow. Really want to see results! How many days a week do you do it?
I've got the Davina one too.... not done it yet though. I really need to get my ass into gear and do this. I'm a lazy mare, all I do is walk the doggy!
As for the Wii, stacey did a "yay or nay" thread last week, probably worth a read before you splash out on one Lisa
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Im trying the hula hoop method now! Gave up the gym because it was too expensive and a wii is also qoo expensive. The hoop cost me £15! Bargain!


Nojo on the YoYo
S: 19st8.0lb C: 19st8.0lb G: 11st0.0lb BMI: 47 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I trrrryyyy and do Davina 3 times a week. Which one did you get? I like the High Energy 5 the best. I do warm up, pump, legs and boxing, then cool down. It really really does you good.


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Ive started and i mean started!!! to run. Take a look at the running guide in the newest magazine! Its really good and im feeling loads better :) xx


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If you already have a Wii then EA Sports Active is the way to go! It's interactive wwith a virtual trainer and if you do the 30 day challenge, you will never get bored, you will really be tested and your measurements will plummet! The best thing too is that on the easy level you're only commiting to 20 mins, but boy do you sweat! I've gone from couch potato to looking forward to exercising and lost 2" off my waist in 3 weeks! Plus 1/2" off my bust and an inch off my hips. My thighs are changing shape and my michelin tyre has deflated! Oh and the exercises are never the same 2 days running.


Wishing and hoping!
i had wii but did not find it beneficial - i now have brought davina the power of three and excellent (this has given me results and has made me feel better about my body)


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Hey, I am limitted due to a problem with my joints/ligaments. I go on my cross trainer 6 times a week, sometimes more, maybe twice a day. I've done 50 miles on that over a week, and I walk on Tuesdays with a buggy walking group, about 7 miles. I'd love to try a Davina DVD but I shouldn't even be walking 7miles in one go! Naughty me!! Xxx
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I find swimming the best form of exercise for me personally, it's easy on the joints too.

It took me a while to get over the horror of having to be seen in public in a cossie, but once you get past it, it's very enjoyable. Gives you some 'thinking time' as well!


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I do yoga - a little while ago SW magazine had yoga in it where the teacher created yoga classes on CD or MP3 downloadsfrom Yoga2hear.

I have 3 classes now which I use in my lunchtime at work. I take my mat in with me and find a quiet meeting room and do which ever class I feel like.

It is the only form of excercis that I look foward to doing and make time for at least 3 times a week.

As a full time working mum I need something I can crowbar in between work stuff and mum stuff and this works for me.


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Thanks for all the ideas ladies!

I have all of Davina's dvds except the pregnancy one. Ive got to get myself back into them but I just wondered if maybe there was somthine else out there worth me trying (it really has to keep my attention gripped).

I don't have a Wii console so didnt want to splash out if some think its not worth it.

Think I may try my dvd's & running & dust off my old bicycle as my legs are my problem area!
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Cardio, Cardio and more cardio with some weights and ton ing thrown in! Lol.

If you can afford a gym membership then take full advantages of the different cardio options on offer such as classes and gym based equipment like the treadmill, cross trainer, rower, bike, stairmaster. Also, there are great toning classes such as Body Pump, pilates, BLT and stability ball/core classes available at most gyms.

If you are doing it at home and your legs are the target area, try circuit training and include running, squats, skipping, lunges, burpees, starjumps and jacks. Yes you may feel like some kind of crazy person running for 3 minutes and then doing 100 lunges but you will sure as hell get results. Invest in some dumb bells as well to work out with and incorporate with your circuits.

If you are looking at DVD's the best one on the market is the Davina range.

Good luck on your fitness quest!


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It has to be fun for me- otherwise I know I won't stick to it long term.

When not working away, I play badminton and go to a 'bums, legs and tums' class- hard work but really beneficial.

I saw an advert for Salsa classes too the other day, so once I get back from my work travels I am defo joining that!


its a long road
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I hate working out in front of people

when im in my dance classes (at college)i stand in the back corner and die during the warm up. while all the skinny girls hardly get outta breath

my dance teacher is also a personal trainer and he says to have the biggest impact keep changing what you do because your body gets used to the same old thing lol

i found that like someone said in another thread (sorry dont know your name) just dancing and going crazy for half an hour to an hour helps tone up a lil bit

I really wanna go swimming but the thought of it makes me go red and start shaking ........................bad times lol

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