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What exercises can I safely carry out?


Slowly but surely x
Before starting on this diet this week, I have just spent 2 months solid at the gym and didnt lose one ounce.

I wanted to die :( I worked so hard in boxercise classes, spin and step classes especially as I was the chunkiest there. I could feel pitying eyes on me all the time but I held my chin up high.

I want to be able to tone up the wobble as it falls away but obviously can't over exert myself on this particular eating plan.
Can I do gentle step on the Wii? or should I stick to just weights and walking the dog?
I dont want to beef up, I just dont want flabby excess skin, thats all.
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You can do whatever exercise you want; there are no restrictions. It seems likely that you were still eating more calories than you exercised off when you were doing all those classes :-/ Just take it gently for the first couple of weeks until you get settled into the plan and then find a routine that suits. It will also keep your metabolism revved up so will help with the weigthloss.

Have fun :)


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omg.. i could have written that exact post... (aprart from i dont have a dog to walk)
i would love to know also!! :)
i would stick to gentle toning excersises to be honest . On SS yoou are only getting roughly 425 calories a day from the shakes so any very strenuous excersise can actually slow donw weight loss as your body realises the calorie defecit is too large it can go into starvation mode and can sometimes even start using muscle instead of fat to gain more energy .... if you want to do more than toning excersise I would say to move up a few plans so you are not on minimal calories .
A mixture of cardio and toning is usually advised. Walking is an excellent place to start; just make sure you do it at a pace that makes you feel slightly breathless to ensure you are working hard enough. Get a pedometer and try to build up to 10,000 steps (studies have shown that naturally slim people walk about 6-8000 steps while overweight people tend not to do even 2000). As it gets easier you can add ankle weights or add in intervals of gentle jogging.

Experts recommend more activity – 60 to 90 minutes a day - to help lose weight and keep it off.
Start off slowly building at least 30 minutes of activity into your day
Increase this to 60-90 minutes over time
Two 15-minute, or three 10-minute bursts of activity are just as good as
one 30-minute burst
Then as you get fitter you may want to go back to your exercise classes if you enjoyed them before?

In SS the body gets the extra energy (cals) from your fat stores rather than outside nutrition - this is the benefit of ketosis :D


Slowly but surely x
im worried about this starvation mode........ some say if I exercise ill be using excess fat store and some say I will go into to starvation mode.
Sorry if I seem a bit dim :(
yes on SS your body uses your fat stores .. BUT excess exercise can take the body into a huge calorie deficit , and I know many people who have found their weight loss slows and even stops and others who have suffered fainting fits and other health problems when mixed high impact exercise with a TFR diet . 425 calories is not enough for your body to cope with such activity


Slowly but surely x
oh I agree, darling! Im not going to go for the burn or max out in a class. I just want to do enough to tone up but less so that I dont pass out and ruin my hard work by dieting on this costly plan
I'm exercising consistently this time around, and yes my weightloss has slowed ie. the numbers, but my clothes are looser than they were last time around at this weight. Even though i've got an ideal number in my head, i'm not gonna kill myself getting there, i'd rather weigh a little bit more than less with flab. Also trust me, with this amount of calorie, you won't be beefing up, you won't even build muscle, you'll maintain it so that what is being burned is mostly fat. I do strength training 2x a week and running 2x for the cardio

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