What Flavours Do You Recommend???


Live for today!
Silly, I know, but ever since I tried the spicy tomato soup I'm a bit wary of trying the others. I was smelling that stuff for hours!!!!!!!

Anyway, like the banana, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla but want a savoury now. Any that you think are good (bearing in mind the above)?

Ta xxx
I like the chicken and mushroom ... it taste like pot noodle without the noodles to me.
I must be far too easy to please ... I like ALL of 'em! :D :rolleyes:
I had the vegetable crisp for lunch today and they were very yummy! I hated the chilli soup and felt the tomato soup was very sweet. Am going to try and turn them all in to crisps!
Thanks peeps!!

Gonna give the chicken and mushroom a go first and go from there. Hopefully I haven't been put off for ever!!!:rolleyes:
don't like any of the soups, i just stick to banana, strawberrry and chocolate, im starting to go off strawberry, so i think this week i will just get banana and choc.