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what food do you miss most?


Does vodka count as food? lol I miss booze a bit, bread-especially covered with butter, toast-likewise. Don't miss any of them THAT much though, it's not worth a gain or small loss to eat any, yet! lol
What are you hoping to do for work when you get your degree, I know anthropology is to do with people but I'm at a loss as to what exactly you are studying, lol!
anthropolgy is the study of bones, if i lose the weight i will join the PSNI (NI police)

if not i may go into insurance or somehitng like that

not too sure yet, but i'd love to stay on do my masters. getting a job in the recession is next to impossible


Tell me about it! I was toying with going into teaching seconary school (initially I trained as a primary school teacher English & technology as specialisms) Technology as I volunteer on Fridays at a local school & love the art & tech lessons but it's really hard to find a LOCAL place to do the training.
I've got a killer head ache today, just took some paracetamol & drinking coffee with chocolate shake as 'milk' I need to up my water. How are you doing? I see you are off out tonight, I'd ask the waiter/server what they have that's low carb, you might be suprised as to what variety they have.
night out was a total arggggg

they had nothing low carb on the menu, the only salade they had had olives and anchovies in it....... yuck

in the end went of gammon and side salad.. two lettuce leaves and a bit of onion.. still hungry, will wait a bit and have another salad if hungry

i'm good with my water but then again i do drink a lot normally
were allowed bacon???

wow i know nothin i always have chicken wit salad - can we have steak??

and i miss ready salted crisps most!!

does anyone know how much sugar free jelly we can have x
read your started pack booklet, we can have steak, chicken, veal, bacon, ham... and a few more in there
what jelly, if i were you go for sugar free as that way its little or no carbs in it

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