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What Food


Mostly harmless
I have, the fat content won't be all that high although you should maybe see if you can get some low fat mince.

The garlic bread might give you some problems if you have that normally


Go on smile! =)
I am staying away from red meat. Even low fat lean mince has 11g per 100g in it. Not worth it when i can have some lovely chicken! :D


Mostly harmless
I'm not a meat fan to be fair, not even chicken really.

But I do love chilli and spag bol! You could make it when quorn mince too I think.

Blue Butterfly

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Im a vegetarian so I use quorn stuff in my meals.
I made a spag bol using the mince and it was rather tasty!
If you fancy garlic bread with it I do believe the weight watchers one is under the 5g rule.

Claire x


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ohhhh weight watcher garlic bread!!! THEY DO EVERYTHING!!! might need to go lookie for that next time im in the shops!!!!!!!!!

i often have spag bol (not had chilli yet but i would love to know a great recipie) and i use tescos healthy living mince (and i have also used the quorn also) and ive been fine...

i also have a little of the tesco healthy living cheese (its realllllly low in fat and does taste a little .... hmmmmm... but it does the trick of giving my cheese craving a kick when i need it)
hope things are going well

(sounds like im trying to sell loads of tesco healthy living stuff.... honestly i dont work for them and im not trying to sell anything... its just the lowest fat stuff i can get.... lol)


Mostly harmless
my mum got some chilli sauce from our butchers. It made a really nice chilli con carne but it had an awful lot of oil in it.

I thought I'd got away as we had it Monday and Tuesday was fine.

well "tangoed" yesterday and today.

So if anyone offers you some chilli willy just say no :p