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What foods "hold" your weight?


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I've noticed in one or two threads that certain foods seem to slow down weight loss in some people. It made me wonder what sort of foods hold/slow down weights and how long it took people to realise this? I've been very slow with my loss and wonder if I'm inadvertantly eating something that is slowing the loss down... I do eat a banana most days but am cutting them out this week. Obviously it'll be different for different people but would be interesting to see if there is a common theme? :coffee:
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Hi there

Mine are bread and pasta -Particularly bread (not helped by being a carbohydrate junky). I find I feel bloated when I eat it and also it makes me crave more bread :rolleyes:. Since I started SW 12 weeks ago I have cut it right out and feel great and don't miss it at all :D, I think I have had pasta once.
I now tend to stick with potatoes -which I love anyway, and I think I process them much better. I know my mum and sisters have the same problem too.


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Bread was always a bloater for me, but more recently i've found that pineapple has been slowing my weight loss.

I've stopped eating pineapple now and the weight loss has gone up again (if you know what I mean lol).



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No particular foods stop my weight loss (that I know of). I do someone whose weight loss slowed because she was eating about 30 clementines a day though.

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Pasta, potatoes and rice are a big issue for me, so I try not to have too many EE or Green Days. I certainly dont have one the day before weigh in, as this would be terrible for my weight record!


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hmmm, it does seem to be the carbs doesn't it,


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Bread, any bread. So I don't buy it. If I'm out for dinner I will allow my self to eat from the bread basket but maximum 2 pieces and no butter/marg.

Nothing else.
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alcohol, bread and processed products mainly the fat free super noodles, mug shots. they give me bad stomach ache and bung me up but plain egg or rice noodles and pasta are fine.
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Alcohol. Its guaranteed, if I have any, I wont lose as much or will put on! I guess it makes me retain water or something.

No matter what I drink, even just one glass (syn'd) it always has this effect on me :cry:

I also avoid bread as much as I can, maximum once a week.

Bananas also slow down my friends weight but I normally have one every day.


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Too much fruit is a no no for me Probably due more to the calorie intake rather than the fruit per se. I was quite happy chomping through a tesco pot of pineapple until I saw it had 230 calories in it. I think for me, the sugars in fruit gives me a sugar craving as well.


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hmmm, it does seem to be the carbs doesn't it,
There's a lot of anecdotal evidence from the board that this is the case for some people. I have to say I've lost 10st eating virtually nothing but carbs! I love bread, pasta and rice, but I have the wholegrain versions rather than the white. I eat lots of potatoes too because they're cheap and filling and yummy, I guess I'm just lucky my metabolism seems to work really well off carbs.

I didn't find any particular food slowed down my losses, but there's some evidence that certain foods can cause sensitivities in some people that can make them retain fluid.


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i end up overcarbing on EE - so i try to avoid carbs and do Red days.....as an example.

Good red week - only a couple of EE days = 3 lbs loss
EE week - mostly EE days = half pound loss!

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I haven't spotted any patterns in problems with my weightloss. Although, to be fair, I haven't exactly been looking :p But I kinda just try and make sure I have a balanced diet and don't go over the top with any kind of food.
What I will say tho, is if I go over my syn allowance by even 1 syn for the week I will put on :rolleyes: Daft, I know, but it really is like that!

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