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what happened to all the slimming worlders?!

ok, so i've been ill what with wisdom tooth out and then the nasty ear infection so that's my excuse. where is everyone?! come back!!

i haven't been on sw the last 5 days. been on so many tablets that made me feel sick and then not being able to eat solids cos of the tooth out so i've eaten what i could when i could and my trousers are feeling looser!

still not sure sw is for me but gonna stick with it while i decide, as of tomorrow i'm back to it.

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Don't you go blaming me for scaring everyone away! Twasn't me. I'm all sweet and innocent


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I'm with you jen! starting tomorrow!

although cant see this weekend being a good'un, got a few meals etc planned but will just make the best of them and go for damage limitation.

planning on doing all red days and limiting my carbs intake for my B choices, just having cereal, nuts, dried fruit etc instead of bread, potatoes, pasta.

no processed stuff either.

tis worth a try, nowt else has been working and cant afford to ss.


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2 weeks on thursday, i think i could get a couple o' lbs off by then what dya think?

i need to do exercise, desperatley.

whats your plan matey, all green, all red or a mixture?
yes, definitely, hon.

i was doing all green and put weight on, so is wapped to mainly red and havent weighed since then. then this last week has been ill and not sticking to it but not eating a lot. i think the weigh in got me down so much before when i put no weight after sticking to it, i'm scared to weigh again! am still not sure sw is going to work for me but too much other stuff to think about at the moment so will keep plugging on..


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i hope it works for you jen matey, glad you're feeling better aswell.

we can do it (she says)


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just downloaded a free 7 day trial menu from the Sw site, might give that a try if my plan doesnt work!


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S: 15st5lb C: 10st12lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 21.2 Loss: 4st7lb(29.3%)
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S: 14st0lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 1st3lb(8.67%)
I'm here and still getting my head around the diet. Something must be wrong when I've been sticking to the diet yet putting on shedloads. Persevering but confused.
Glad you're back Jen, at least we all know you are finally on the mend!
there you all are!
wez- i know how you feel having stuck to it and put on. in fact, i am now scared to weigh because if ive put on more i'll just feel like crying/screaming/totally giving up!
keep plodding on though eh? beats eating crap all day long.
glad you had a good hol, howie. 3lb is nothing!


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S: 14st0lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 1st3lb(8.67%)
Weird, isn't it? On CD I'd happily weigh myself regularly (ok daily LOL) and be so motivated as the scales went down 1/2lb each time. Now I've succumbed to Mondays at home and Thurs at the group. In fact, I hadn't realised how obsessive I'd been.
I'm proud to have bought a pineapple slicer and a potato chipper & wedger at Lakeland Limited today to free up some time. Tried them as soon as I got in and they're fab. However my little Genie (to whizz up CD shakes) is now gathering dust. I thought I could use it for smoothies but I'm enjoying biting and chewing food too much right now.
Hi all, I've just joined this forum and I've been on Slimming World diet for nearly 2 weeks now. I lost 3.5 lbs in my first week which really pleased me as I had gone from Lipotrim (total food replacement) to eating and I expected to put weight on. I weigh in on Tuesday evenings and hope you all don't mind me popping in from time to time to pick up tips and let you know how I'm doing. xx


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Hi fighting flab,

Well done on your weight loss!

3.5lbs. is brill!!!:clap:

Good luck with your next weigh in on Tuesday.

Love Mini xxx
I'm here and still getting my head around the diet. Something must be wrong when I've been sticking to the diet yet putting on shedloads. Persevering but confused.
Hi, I did great on my first week of SW - 3.5 lbs off - but this week, the scales don't seem to be showing much change (due to weigh in tomorrow) and I'm worried that the doom and gloom that 2 of my lipotrim buddies were predicting is about to come true. I went from total food replacement onto SW and was told that it was a recipe for disaster. When I lost in the first week, they were still foretelling disaster "it'll catch up with you next week". I was told I'd be much better off sticking to the maintainance bars and shakes - but that isn't teaching me how to eat sensibly and healthily! I'm determined to persevere even if I don't move or even put weight on (although i don't think that's the case, just no loss :(). Wez, have you solved the mystery of your weight gain? If so, would you share it with us?

I'm beginning to think portion control may be the key with me. I'm sticking to the diet, but I'm taking SW at their word re free foods and eating loads of them. Maybe my idea of loads and their idea of loads are two different things :confused: anyway - if I want to eat healthily, I need to learn portion control so I will persevere.

Keep losing everyone ;), Love ff x

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