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What happens next?

Please can anyone give me more info on the Cambridge diet? I am on my 4th day and feel quite depressed as I am missing my food terribly. So I was wondering if you could explain things a bit better to me?

How long am I on the shakes/Porridge/soups for?

What comes after this i.e bars etc?

For those of you who are weeks in what are you consuming in a day?

Can I have a BBQ next weekend!? Been invited to one but don't know what to do?

I just think that if I know I can eat solids soon I won't feel like giving up :(

I really need to loose weight as I have had the results of my MRI and it's states that my disc is bulging out and touching a nerve. The Dr has said that I have to loose at least 3 stone! I don't sleep at night as my bacl is sooo bad so I really need to **** the flab asap, but I am just finding it sooo difficult today. Up to now I have felt really good.:confused::(
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Hi Sassaboo,

I can promise it definitely does get easier. I'm on my 7th week now and coudlnt' have done it if it didn't get better.

You cant' get bars until your 3rd week. You can also buy water flavourings then too which helps with the potential boredom with water. As for the length of time on shakes etc, this is really dependant on how much weight you want to lose and how quickly you want to do it. I'm still only doing shakes/bars etc as I have a lot to lose and want to do it the quickest way. But I know people have moved up to some of the different plans that are available eg 810 or 1000 cals - this means that you incorporate a meal with your shakes.

Your counsellor should have explained all of this to you. If s/he didn't, I'd ask to meet with them again and get more information. The official Cambridge Diet website is also very informative.

Good luck with everything.

Thelma :)


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Hi, did your counsellor provide the booklets that explain about the plans? If they did, have a look through both of them and find out the various options you have. If you didn't get them, ask you counsellor for them as it can be a bit bewildering without an explanation. This is the link to the website also as Thelma suggested:
Cambridge Diet home page
Stick with it - it's worth it!!


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Have you seen your counsellor? They really should have explained all this. If not maybe give them a call? Not that we aren't willing to help of course! :)

How long am I on the shakes/Porridge/soups for? This depends on how much you have to lose, when I did LT 2 years ago I lost 2 1/2 stone in 7 weeks then, but that's different for everyone.

What comes after this i.e bars etc? You can have bars in week 3 but I know some people lose a bit less with them and a friend of mine nearly always ends up cheating after a bar because they dont fill her up enough.

For those of you who are weeks in what are you consuming in a day?
I'm not up to this so can't really comment!

Can I have a BBQ next weekend!? Been invited to one but don't know what to do? Ultimately, this is your decision. The official advice is no food until add a meal week or when you start movin up the plans. However, different people have different views on allowing themselves a little something on special occassions. There is a danger that you start classing every weekend as a 'special occassion' though and it's very hard getting back on once you've eaten.

I just think that if I know I can eat solids soon I won't feel like giving up :(.... The best way around this I find is to not think too much about the long term, it will drive you crazy. Take each day as it comes and soon the weeks will fly by and you'll be moving up the plans.

Good luck!!! x


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Week 1 is sooo tough (or was for me) Days 3-5 being the worst.
But if you can get through week 1 you can do this diet and get all the weight off you want to. Keep 100% until your weigh-in and then the results will spur you on I promise.
After week 1, you kind of get into a zone were you crave food less and less as the weeks tick by, and I promise, you'll be back here saying 'I've done a month already, where did the time go????' A stone a month, sometimes a little more in the first month, just remember that. After 1 month, you and your back will see and feel big differences.
An option is to ss+ with the addition of a small meal (it is small) works for some and the losses are pretty similar, but now you've started ssing, stick to it for the rest of week 1 and discuss with your councellor.
I know its hard right now, but it is worth it, especially as for you it will make so much difference to your back and pain you must be experiencing. I wish you all the best and everyone is lovely here that if you need to have a bit of a moan to get through that first week - do (I'll listen!)
It does get a lot easier, and I'm the worst at sticking to diets!
As for bbq, thats up to you. Social evenings with a shake and water are easier to cope with a few weeks in I think. If you can do it in week one, you can do anything (primeminister).
Stay strong its so worth it - good luck.


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I read your post and was quite shocked to think that you really were so unsure about the cd diet which you are doing.. Have you been to a councellor or have you bought the shakes on line? Your CD should go through everything with you and you should understand the diet and feel confident with it.. the girls above have given you some great info but its a shame your cdc if you have seen one has not provided you with this..
It does really get easier.. especially after the first few weeks..
Good luck with your journey and dont be scared to ask more questions and you really need to feel confident about what your doing x
Thanks so much for your replies! I do feel better now and am just going to get over today and see what tomorrow brings. I have seen my CDC and she just explained what would happen in the first week. I did think that this was a bit odd. I will be asking her more questions about cd on Monday. As for the booklett, I found it in the box the shakes came with! Duhh!:rolleyes:

I have just been making my sons food for the next few days - chicken, potato, carrots, peas, gravy and ham, carrots, broccoli and cheese sauce (homemade cheese sauce may I add) and I didn't nibble a thing!! Not even the cheese for the sauce as cheese is my huge downfall. I feel so proud of my self! So if I can do that I can do anything (I hope :confused:).

Thanks again for your replies, it has really kicked me up my jacksy!

As for the bbq, we'll see how things go and if I do go I will take a shake. I really have to do this. It is my only chance as every other diet involving food isn't working for me. Watch this space xxxx
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hi sassoboo, where in wales are you? if you feel tempted to eat the way i deal with it is think it will knock you out of ketosis and set you back three days to get back into ketosis! also thats around £20 wasted on your shakes/ soups!
keep on this site tho as it's so inspiring. i suffer with a bad hip but already the pain is less with 12lb off, so hopefully your back will not be so bad as you mo0ve down the scales! good luck x
Hi. I am in Carmarthen! Where are you? Thanks for that, I really don't want to go back 3 days! I too suffer from a bad hip and I hope to god tha loosing weight will help me.
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Stick with it, it really does get easier-I'm on week 12 and haven't cheated once(had lots of occasions and meals out but I took a shake and a soup and was OK).Keep glugging the water and focus on the end goal-a pain free back and 3 stone off.I have lost 5 stone so far and have 7-12 to go,but just take it one week at a time.I have to cook every day for 5 kids and my OH,so if I can manage that, anyone can :)

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