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What happens when you come out of ketosis?


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Those Haribo I had earlier today :whoopass:have knocked me out of ketosis, or rather I have knocked myself out of ketosis! What happens? Will I gain the weight I've lost? I daren't get on the scales whilst I'm on CD - I leave it to the CDC to tell me how much I weigh and now I'm dreading my weigh in on Tues _ I hope I haven't gained!:cry:
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If thats all you have had, you will have Ktones again by the morning probably or by lunch time. Obviously depends on how many you've had! But just put it behind you and move on! Shouldn't think it would make any or much diff to your loss so far....


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I had TEN :eek: Well I'm sitting here with a 2L bottle of water and hope to flush the little beggars out that way. I've had 3L so far today - fingers crossed I'm back in ketosis tomorrow cos I really feel like eating now!
STAY AWAY FROM THE HARIBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pesky beggars they are!

You are doing the right thing trying to flush them away, and by the morning you will be back on track. You wont have put the 6lb back on, however, dont let this be a slippery slope, put it behind you, learn from it and move on x


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:ashamed0005::eatdrink023:I CAN DO THIS...I'm repeating this to myself (in my head otherwise OH will think I'm a nutjob). He's just eaten fish and chips which is good really, otherwise it would've been our usual Friday curry and I fear I might've caved and had one. Send me 'no eating' vibes everyone!


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Ban Haribos Karen and avoid any sweetie aisle in any shop!!;):D

I'm sure you will be fine and will not have put on 6lbs or anything like that so don't worry and keep focused today.

Lacey..xx :)

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