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what happens when you eat 'normally' for a day?


determined to be thin!
Evening all, I know this question has prob been asked before, but I cant find it on the forum.

Basically I had been on ss for 12 weeks so should be on 810 for the week anyway, but havent bothered because I will hopefully be moving to 810 in a couple of weeks.

But.... I have just had a huge blow-out day. Friends of mine father had a horse running in the Gold-Cup at Ascot, I went round to see them- I am stayin with them for a few days, and they were having a party complete with champs and canapes.

I resisted the booze but went a little crazy with the food (carbs and all :eek:). I ate quite alot, and only drank 2 ltrs of water so far.
I am just wondering what happens now?

I am prepared for the weight gain (which will hopefully go in a couple of days) but will I get all of the 'first week hell' that I got when I first started cd ss?

Sorry for the long post, in real life I am not that talkative, but here its a case of why use 1 word when you can use 10? ;)

I am also tempted to use a couple of lax. to get the food out of my system as soon as poss, esp as I am now a very tight size 12 and I have only brought size 12!!! Doh!!
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I would say:

Don't use laxatives, just drink lots and lots of water and get it all out of your system.

You're probably out of ketosis now, so you may get headaches etc for a few days while you get back into it.

Good luck! xx

Mrs B

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Aww hun, please don't use the laxatives! It shouldn't take nearly as long to get back into ketosis as you've only eaten for 1 day not x years if you see what I mean. Good luck.


determined to be thin!
Oh boo! I dont want the headaches!!!!
Why cant I eat what I want and it not to have any consequences!!! Life is so un-fair:giggle:
As my BF tells me when I moan about my weight, 'well you did it!' Bless him....
Hi Sassy,

I think this is very individual. I have found my body to be incredibly forgiving even after all the abuse over the last 20 years or so...I've never looked after it.

Whenever I have eaten for just a day, it never knocked me out of ketosis but I have to admit that when I say I ate, I usually just had a bit of chicken, or a couple of slices of ham or a croissant. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

I'm sure it will not be as bad and it won't take as long to get back into ketosis if you are even out of it..

I'm not usually a great talker either but it is just something minimins does to you..



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Hi Sassy I went away for last weekend and had a really nice time "eating normally" plus a glass of wine! Got straight back on the diet as soon as I got home on Sunday afternoon. Glugged loads of water and got weighed in on Tuesday. I was hoping just to stay the same so I was gobsmacked when I had lost 3 lbs!!!! I think I did well to get away with it this time but I won't be doing that on a regular basis! Just get back onto the diet and keep your fingers crossed - good luck!

Jan x


determined to be thin!
woooo... good for you jannyT!!! Ok got my fingers crossed for my WI now!
Thanks for all the replies everyone
it will be mostly water. as long as you get drinking water to flush it out the few lbs you gained will be of in no time. you are prob out of ketosis but it shudnt take you to long to get back into it :)


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Hey sassy, go to my 'ive eaten so much i feel sick' thread and you'll feel a whole lot better about what you had!!!


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S: 14st11lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.56%)
I should have put back to my thread. You gave me sound advice so I'm your giving your advice back to you...tomorrow is another day, climb on the wagon and drink loads of water!


determined to be thin!
Back again....
Well last night I carried on nibbling til 3am in the mornin (chocs:eek:), I just couldnt get to sleep.
Didnt drink any water (couldnt fit it in!) and also the answer to everything on this forum is always "drink lots of water" eg. I have broken my leg....."flush your broken bones by drinking lots of water" etc etc....:D.
Had a couple of lax cos I felt so full and hadnt gone for a few days anyway (dont worry, I have abused them in the past, and there is no way I will ever go back to that habit again).

So this mornin I creeped onto the scales, and STS! Which is amazing!!! I was having a really slow week anyway (-1/2 lb in 4 days) so hopefully I was due for a loss, and so maybe the eating has balanced me back again.

The real test is sticking to CD today, I had real trouble in the beginning stickin to ss and the stop-start approach gets you nowhere, I wasted a month doing that, and I cant undo all my hard work.

Will report back later....
Have a good CD day everyone xx

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