What happens when you fail?

I am not sure but I think I remember reading if it is a bit of white meat, chicken and a bit of green veg then it may, just may be ok. But I guess if someone is going to eat something it may be a bit different from the above, and it throws the body out of ketosis. I hope someone with more experience and knowledge than me can reply to you. I guess the hard part is picking oneself up, dusting onself down and starting all over again. People do appear to find it hard getting back on track once off though.
Pam xx
That is definitely what you should do. Stop eating and get back to SSing immediately. Try to drink as much water as you can hopefully your weightloss will not be affected to much at your next weigh in. You may be a little more hungry for a little while if you have to get back into ketosis but just find the willpower you have had previously and you'll soon be back on track.

Good Luck!
Well if you have had a blip forget it and get back on track right away!
Thankfully Ibe not caved in yet, But Ive heard it can knock you out of ketosis so you might have to spend a day or two getting back into ketosis which normally means hunger.
Then again some get away with it and doesnt effect their loss.

Its just not worth it :)
i went off the rails for 3 days
once i started eating i couldnt stop
ss' ing again today *phew*
just hopeing my little pig put dont effect my weigh in this friday :(
If anyone fails off the wagon then try to distract yourself out of it and then consider what happened in the cold light of the next day, why and what you can do to avoid/help if the same situation comes up again. This way you will have learnt from it and that has to be a positive thing.

KNOW that the chances are that you will not have a good weight loss week but try not to predict the effect as chances are you will be wrong :rolleyes:

Make sure you put all this in perspective, a slow weight loss or even a weight gain one week does not mean that you won't experience the same spectacular losses you had beeing experiencing so don't deprive yourself of this by punishing yourself and eating even more in comfort :)

A falling off the wagon will delay your arrival at Slimdom slightly unless you use this as an excuse to self sbaotage in which case your arrival will be even more delayed :(

In short learn from it and move on towards the wonderful weigh in results you'll have the week after ;) :D
Technically - protein will not take you out of ketosis - only carbs will (ie Atkins). So if you ate, say a chicken breast, it would be unlikely to effect your weightloss. BUT...... please, please, please think once, twice and a third time before eating anything. Once you do, it would be so hard to get back into the routine of not eating. Just say to yourself that this is temporary and soon you can eat a nice, healthy diet and that you are on this diet because of "wanting" and not "needing" to eat. I hope that this makes sense?
'You haven't "failed" until you give up'

Get back on the wagon straight away, don't even wait for the next day, carry on with your packs and put the blip behind you. You might slow down your loss for that week and take a day or so to get back in the pink, but when looking at the bigger picture.........

Just don't get in the habit of 'blips' (like me:eek: )
hiya everyone,

I was wondering what happens when you 'fall off the wagon' and eat something during SS?

Is it possible to see it as a massive blip...... and try to get right back on it the following morning?

If so what happens to your body/weight loss that week?


Hi Slimlouise,

If you eat carbs while SSing you run the risk of bloating as the glycogen stores will refill immediately with carbs...and then of course it depends how much you eat...but you could see a gain of ten pounds easy in a day or so...

This is mostly water, but never the less it is depressing...

If you have a slip...do your best to take control and stop it going into a slide.

Water is key and as the rest have said just keep going like nothing has happened and you will be back in ketosis...the longer you stay out of ketosis it does become harder to get back in. It can feel like starting all over again...so keep going if you can.

Love Mini xxx