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Green Days What has been your best advice received in this sw forum?


I will do this!!!
dont weight yourself between groups!!!!!
Trust in the plan - it works!

Also, my personal mantra is 'free not unlimited' :D
Plan your meals ahead (inc snacks) x


Determination is Key
Can't say so much as I've gotten advice, more so support and companionship throughout, which is essential to your own determination. I can safely say that we should all pay our weekly fee to minimins rather than SW, as minimins is a hundred consultants and thousands of members all rolled into one, and with lots more ideas and advice than the groups lol

Know what you're having even if you overplan it's better to not eat something on plan than to throw your hands up and have a Big Mac!!

So if you're taking lunch to work, take more than you need, normally only eat one apple? Take two!
Having a salad with ham eggs and salad? Keep your eggs in the shells , and the ham in a pack, but take double! If you only eat one egg and two slices of ham then you have something for another day!

I cook and eat at work sometimes I have to bring in breakfast, lunch and dinner for that day and breakfast and lunch for the next, I take in enough for three lunches and breakfasts and more fruit/ veg than I need, that way I'm not tempted to buy a pastie or whatever!
If I need a snack in the evening I'll have it!
Two tips:
Plan - it really is the key to staying on track.
Keep trucking - if you have a naughty moment, draw a line under it and move on. If you have a naughty day, draw a line under it and move on. If you have a gain- draw a line under it.... you get my drift. Basically dont let one little slip up ruin your whole journey.

Oh and come on here as often as you can!


Put the kettle on
Cook in bulk and freeze the extra. I used to laugh at all these domesticated people that did this, now my freezer is full of home made goodies! Its so handy for something warm to have for lunch in work or for those evenings when you really dont wanna cook from sratch.
Don't answer the phone while ironing.
Many varieties:

Don't answer the phone while ironing naked.

Don't answer the phone.

Don't do ironing.

Don't eat while ironing.

Don't answer the phone naked.

Don't answer.

Don't answer the ironing.

Don't question the ironing. (Geneva convention)

Don't ask Shirleen or Maximus anything when they're being silly beggars!