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What have you learnt today?!


Never gets tired of SW!
Hi everyone,
I've been thinking how since starting SW at the end of October I've learnt so much!! It seems that every day something new reveals itself-whether it's about food, exercise, my body, my mind!! I thought it could be fun and interesting to start a thread about things we've learnt today!! It can be anything at all- maybe even a new discovery about the way we feel losing weight!! I'll start- mine's a food fact! 75g of tinned Atlantic sardines have as much calcium in them as a cup of milk!
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hi ive learn not to weigh myself mid week.........the feeling of disappointment s gonna spoil my day.I WILL WEIGH IN ONLY ONCE A WEEK. Enjoy your bank holiday ladies Sharon X


Now to maintain.....
sharon i think i learnt the same as you,lol!! im awful for weighing myself and i need to stop!! it does ruin your day/week.


is working hard.....
I've learnt how to make so many tasty treats in so many different ways! (I'm a big fan of the recipe boards btw so thanks all :))
This weekend I made sw ferrero rocher and magic porridge and they were yummy! xx :D
I used to be a researcher and librarian, and every day I was asked to find out lots of different things. When I retired, I decided that I would carry on researching - so I try to find out something new every day.

Yesterday I did some research online into the history of BBC TV Centre (sparked off by a conversation with someone who is working there at the moment) and it was absolutely fascinating.

The other day I noticed an interesting building in town - just an ordinary shop at ground level but looking up I found it had been a hotel. Came home and did some Googling and found out all about it.

Today I am finishing off the weekend papers' general knowledge crosswords, which will mean I will find out all sorts of obscure stuff (especially the Saturday Telegraph one!).

I am also doing the research for questions for a quiz that I am running next week.

I end up with a head full of totally irrelevant and useless knowledge, but it keeps the ageing brain ticking over and with any luck it will keep senility at bay!
And I make a point of checking out my SW books at least once a week, and often find something I didn't know or had totally forgotten.

For instance, I didn't know until today that octopus is a super speed (SS) food - must be all those legs!!!!
I learnt that melting laughing cow lights actually works quite well! I wasnt convinced lol


Starting again!
before joining SW i used to buy jars of sauce to make tea or if that seemed like to much hard work we would order a takeaway (and i wondered how i was putting on weight!!) i never had breakfast and rarely had dinner, just filled up on a huge tea and chocolate!

since joining i have realised that cooking is quick, easy and still very yummy! i also now eat 3 meals a day and the odd snack :D


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The best thing I've learnt since starting SW. Is...... Minimins site, incredibly full of information, recipes and inspirations and of course all the valuable syn values of food! Today I am making Mushroom Stroganoff from a recipe found on here... really looking forward to it!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
I've learnt that losing weight and being healthy can be fun and easy to do! xxx

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