What have YOU resisted today?


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I deserve a bloomin' medal for everything that i've resisted today! I feel like i have willpower of steel! :character00116:

The list so far today:

chocolate hobnobs & ginger biscuits (sat next to me ALL day and i didn't have one)
Sweeties that have been offered to me twice by different people.
And the big one....i made some chocolate and cranberry FUDGE as a moving house pressie for a friend, and didn't have a single crumb...not a lick of the finger...not even a snifter.

I feel in control!!! :superwoman:

Although i desperately need to be like this because i had an unexplained gain this week and just CAN'T have that happen again this week! :mad:

So come on, make yourself feel good and list what you have managed to resist today! xxx
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Doesn't it make you feel great?! x

Shelle Belle

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In our office at work a HUGE homemade chocolate cream cake with fruit and raspberry sticky stuff. It was about 10 inches deep but I resisted it, just. They were selling a slice for £1 to raise money for help 4 heroes. I still made a donation though, just didn't have any cake. It was really hard to say no but I did it and I'm proud of myself. I had a chinese pear instead :D


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Really could have had a curry tonight with a keema nan, don't usually have it but I fancied chicken tikka masalla.

Could have done without the rice I just wanted to dip the nan in the curry sauce, how sad.

Anyway didnt have it I made a cheese and ham omelette :D:D


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Well done you lot x

My will power went kaput at about 11.30am!

I hope to be able to add to this thread by this evening xx


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Well done all of you so far! We are la resistance! :party0019:

So far today I've resisted more biscuits and the homemade fudge that i made which has now been passed around the office and "mmm"ed and "ahhh"ed over by everyone, but NO, not for me thanks!
I am IRON!!!!

Come on everyone, lets keep going with this! It's empowering to say NO! xxx

Viva La Resistance (apologies to any French people about my spelling there) :p


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I am really craving some hot chocolate from the vending machine like you wouldnt beleve!! I need a chocolate bar or something chocolately and i dont even eat the stuff - ever!! I think it's been 3/4 months since my last bit of chocolate by choice!! Today though i could eat a mound of it!!

(instead of my hot chocolate ive had an oxo cube :() feels good to have resisted but i might have to pop out and treat myself to some low syn choccy :)


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Well done you guys.... I've given in to all temptation today :mad: and am seriously kicking myself. I even started another thread asking for help!!! lol


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someone in the office had a birthday today and resisted the cakes - which were on the kitchen table - one chocolate, one fudge.


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Today we had a charity day at work too and there was a massive bake sale, i resisted but instead of buying and eating it myself i bought a piece each for the family so all day i have resisted and still am. I feel great that i have though.


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Today I resisted eating an entire bag of those sugary mini donuts from Greggs. My boss brought them in to the office but I didn't eat any!


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Today has been pretty good with residence, although their were moments with thortons mint chocolate bar yummy and I did well in controlling my urges with the ruhbarb and custard sweeties only had two :)


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ive resisted the snack machine - the Haribo are waving at me im sure...the man on the front is smiling right at me!!! haha! x


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I have a really bad cold at the moment, i have resisted everything!! Im quite impressed! I made SW stews and soups and even turned down a chinese!! :)


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Today i have resisted shortbread biscuits. One of my faves. I really am proud of this. Cant believe i did it

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i have resisted:

donughts as garage
cans of coke in our fridge
mars bar in my freezer

but i did make banana and malteser buns and just ate 3 of them without knowing syn value of them, had to use different cake mix