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What if u can't use up all sachets ?


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Hi Hun

U NEED all 3! It has minerals and stuffs that u need to lose weight and function. If u skip you might not lose as much x


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Hi Buzy, I am on refeed now but I had the same problem - had loads of days when I only managed two shakes. I have to say I don't think it affected my weight loss but it's hard to tell really.
The two weeks where I skipped a shakes I lost 7.5 then 6.5, then I made a concerted effort to have all 3 everyday and lost 1!
I am not for a second saying that having them all made me only lose 1lb though - I am hoping that was just a blip.
But I was worried like you and when you think of how many calories you are getting by on with 3 shakes, it probably is harmful to just have 2.
Even if it doesn't affect your losses it will affect the nutrients you are getting.
I found a good way to get my third in was to have it as a hot chocolate before bed.
Good luck with it anyway hun x


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Hi busy if you are struggling to have your 3 shakes then don't split them up, it is really important that you have all 3 as your calorie intake is only 450 a day and your shakes provide all your nutrients. Take care xxx:)
use them all use them all use them all... risk of starvation = unhealthy and you wont lose as much weight as you would if you used them all..

to sum up, use them all!!
Yeah, just was gonna add, don't splt them if you're having trouble fitting them all in :D
YOu must use them all!! Just to echo everyone else here :)

you NEED all the nutritional elements of the sachets. Splitting them is fine, but you must have all 3 every day.

I sympathise though, many's the time i've got to 10.30 at night and realised i've not had 'dinner', lol.

As with LT generally - it should get easier the longer you stick with it. And the results are phenomenal :)


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If you can't fit them all in- don't split them!?
I just can't imagine not wanting all 3 shakes......!
you do need to take all 3 as 465 cals is the bear minimum your body can live on without going in to starvation mode so i suggest to take all 3 and try to take at same time everyday rather then splitting that way you will get all the nutrients and minerals which ur body needs go to lipotrim website for more details hope this helpsxxx


A little of everything!
you do need to take all 3 as 465 cals is the bear minimum your body can live on without going in to starvation mode
It's actually about 1200cals for an average adult female, but LT is designed to avoid starvation mode because it has all the essential nutrients the body requires to function efficiently. If you were eating a diet of 'real' food that went under 1200cals, the chances are you'd be missing out on a LOT of what your body needs to function every day? Then your body would go into starvation mode and hold onto every single calorie you put in your mouth because it thinks theres a famine going on, and is storing it up as 'reserve' energy? HTH?

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