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what inspired you?


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so we've all had the moment where we thought it was time we started our new lifestyle being sliiming world.
i am just sat thinking and i can remember the actual moment i said enough is enough i am going to group and i will be a healthy weight by the time i am 30.
i went to blackpool for the weekend with my best buds and we went to a show, had a photo taken all together and had it made to a keyring. the next morning after my drunken haze had lifted :D ....i looked at this new keyring that had materialized and i recoiled in horror :cry:.....anyways that monday morning after the drunken weekend a little leaflet dropped through my letterbox for slimming world. so off i toddled, scared, nervous and petrified of what the scales we gonna tell me.
that was 6 months ago, i love going to group now and if i ever have a bad day i just take a look at my little keyring, it goes everywhere with me and it'll be a constant reminder of what i don't ever want to look like again.....oh and the drunken photos are far and few between now too thankfully haha.

what triggered you to start this journey?
i'm missing group tonight for the first time so i need to read lots of inspiring stuff to keep me motivated for the coming week :)
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Katty Hi!,
Good post!
Well done for your amazing loss so far!And you will keep going!
I think what triggered me to get a grip was looking at photos of myself at Christmas.I did not like that chubby look not one more bit!I also felt slow and sluggish and felt that enough was enough and that I do not want another summer covering up under loose clothes.Also I have two friends parties in May and June and would rather not go unless I have a nice dress,and I want to look and FEEL lovely too!I am 52 and finding this a slow and much harder process.I have a stone to lose thereabouts and I am determined to do it!!
Don't worry about missing group.I do not go at all and find this site so helpful,encouraging and supportive.
The best of luck and when you look at that photo on the keyring,say NEVER AGAIN!!!!
:) :) :) :)


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S: 14st6lb C: 14st6lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 36.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
and i am sure you will look and feel lovely for your uncoming events. keep up the good work xx


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Mine was last year on a weekend away to Butlins -it was one of those adult only weekends - every one else bought little neon tutus I had to make mine out of 800 yards of neon netting, once I put it on all I could see was the fantasia hippo(I never did wear it) I also was handbag/camera/drinks holder when everyone else was on the funfair (I bet those bars/belts wouldnt go round me) I was the one in a maxi dress on the beach while others sunbathed. I didnt want to go swimming as the chlorine plays havoc with my hair (nothing to do with the fact I was stuffed into a size 24 cossie??)
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Hi Katty great thread i just want to be able to stand at the school gate during the summer without a long cardi on to cover the rolls around my middle hanging over the tops of my jeans i felt so embarassed last year and stood by myself so far since starting sw ive had 2 parents stand next to me and say how great i look i know we shouldnt worry about what others say but i cant help it sometimes its a bit like being back at school ourselves.
i'm sure you will be fine if you miss class and by posting here you've already put preperations in place to motivate yourself.
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Well done for your fantastic weight loss so far!!

My 'moment' was some holiday photos a couple of years ago when we were in Florida. My hubby had taken a couple of pictures of me in my lovely new 'slimming' black cossie and when we got home and we were looking through the pictures, well, they say the camera never lies. I looked absolutely massive. I think I was always pretty clever with what I wore but there was no disguising my fat in that cossie.

I was telling my mum and she said 'well it's about time someone said it, you're going to be 40 and fat!!'

The week after we went to SW together, and the rest is history. I've had a bit of a hiccup since, but am heading back in the right direction now!
This has really got me thinking. I got engaged in July last year and immediately signed up to weughtwatchers. I lost half a stone and then just kind of stuck and gave up. Slowly it came back on and I started putting my clothes that do not fit me into the back of the wardrobe. I've been here before.

That my future mother in law joined sw. I wasn't that interested but went along with her to try it out and I love it! It's still early days for me but I don't want to be a fat bride


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I just got fed up with feeling myself wobble when I walked , feeling tired and achey all the time and feeling in general pretty disgusted with myself and how I look, I still don't really believe i'll ever manage it but i'm really trying and at least i'm not sticking my head in the sand and still getting bigger!
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My motivation is that I'm really uncomfortable after a weight gain trip to Chicago. Before I left for Chicago, I needed to loose 7 lbs. to get back to my normal 125 lbs. I thought it would be a piece of cake. What's commonplace in Los Angeles; walking a good distance to the car, going on a hike, walking to the coffee shop...basically not dealing with Winter, is a luxury in Chicago. I went to the gym 3x a week while I was there, but I guess that didn't make up for the change in diet and the basic exercise that I wasn't getting in-between. I left Cali at 132 lbs. and came back at 142lbs.

I'm so uncomfortable in this heavier version of my body. I can feel two massive fat walls shoot up from my muffin tops to just under my shoulder blades when I sit down. My boobs are overflowing my bras (I was already D cup, I don't need more), and I have to wear leggings all the time because my jeans don't fit anymore. When you've been a certain weight for all of your life and you're 17 lbs. heavier, you really notice it ALL-THE-TIME. Not only do I feel it, but I don't know how to carry it. I bump into things often and working out has become so more difficult.

I can wait to take off the excess weight!
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A picture taken of me at my sister's best friend's wedding, in which I look about 7 months pregnant. My stomach wasn't even sticking out when I stood up for the picture because I remembered to suck it in, but the material of my dress just stayed that way from when I let it all out sitting down :(

That, and I wanted to be fitter and healthier when my niece came along, I don't wanna be known as the fat aunty!

I read an SW magazine when I was about 15-16, it always stuck in the back of my mind but I didn't realise it was a club like WW, so when I Googled it last year and found out more about it, I was so excited!

Thank you for this thread, I'm on my way to WI and not feeling so confident about having lost, it's a good thing I came across this and forced myself to remember the reason I started SW in the first place :)


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I didn't want to be fat and 30! Plus OH took me to the AMalfi Coast for my birthday and I didn't want to look back and hate the photos! I lost 2.5 stone for my birthday and hols last year and felt amazing on hols and for my birthday, and a lot of the photos are now dotted around the flat! I look smiley, healthy and happy! Fell off the wagon a bit after hols but back on it now and next motivation is getting to target before I even try on wedding dresses for our wedding next year! xxx
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Hi Katty, loving the thread!

What motivated me was the sight of my hideous double chin in the mirror. Just awful. That and the fact I've been covering up in leggings and tunics but my boobs are so massive (38F) that I look like Hattie Jacques (God bless her) with the tunic falling straight down from the biggest point on my chest. I'm only 5ft 2 and it's sooo not a good look. I'm fed up making fun of myself - being the bubbly fat bird who says what everyone else is thinking about me - that I'm FAT ha ha! No more.

Onwards and downwards gang!
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I went to the docs for a pill review at the beginning of Feb and was told I had high blood pressure and that I had put on weight so they could only give me three months worth of pills until another check.

Went straight to boots to weigh myself and had a big shock, have never been thin but always 15 stone from the age of 18 (now 34), boots scales read 16 stone 11 pounds.

Started a diet for a week on my own and lost four pounds, joined SW and lost another pound first week, second Weigh in is tomorrow.

I cheated today and went back to boots and weighed 16 stone dead on but don't want to get my hope up for WI as the scales are different.

I hated cameras and mirrors but for some reason was ok with staying 15 stone for life but scared the life out of me that I was increasing.
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For me at the moment its being pregnant. My motivation to gain a sensible amount of weight whilst pregnant following SW.

With my first I gained 3stone which I lost in 9months with WW. This time around I really don't want to have to lose so much weight again.

My motivation is to keep my weight down (8.5lbs gained at 25weeks pregnant) give baby all the healthy diet she needs and to feel healthy myself.

My motivation after giving birth is to lose the baby weight and work on the stone that I never got around to losing before falling pregnant.
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I actually stumbled across SW ... our children had a summer fayre in June last year and when i was sat drinking a coffee ... one of the other mums was giving out SW bags with magazine in so she obviously gave me one .... I came home and read through the magazine ... joined the next week .... I had just decided it was time to loose weight for good .... I was getting bigger and bigger .... and a big issue was a big holiday booked for Florida and Bahamas this year ... so that inspired me ... Weve been to florida before and I am always behind the camera or stand one of the children in front of me but this time will be different .... i cant wait .... it suddenly occured to me that when i am gone the kids will have no pictures with me on them because ive been too lazy to do anything about loosing weight so Im starting to get used to being in photos again and cant wait for our hols to get some lovely FAMILY photos xxxx
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My Boyfriends inspired my he's a personal trainer and had got me into weight lifting, I have PCOS which causes alot of health problems and weight loss is a great way to reduce these, so both of these have inspired me lose weight and get fit.


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My husband inspired me.. since we met he's been amazing and supportive and i couldnt do this weight loss thing without him! Ive always started diets and given up after 5 or 6 weeks and kept putting on weight in the mean time.
breaking point for me came when i got married last may and i wouldnt have my white wedding i always dreamed of because i felt so ugly and the thought of a photographer following me all day made me feel sick so we got married just me and him..It should have been the best day of my life and it most ways it was i married my soulmate but the fact that i let my weight stop me from having the wedding of my dreamed made me sit up and think i have to change this or what kind of life am i going to have!it makes me cry just thinking about it....
i joined slimming world almost 7 weeks ago and its honestly the best thing ive ever done and it my life is getting better with every week that goes by just knowing im doing something about it now. and we plan to renew our wedding vows in turkey in may 2012 and ill get my white wedding..better late than never xxxxxxx

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