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what is a success express week?


Always trying!
Happy Holidays said:
Sucess Express is were you have 2/3 of your meals are superfree instead of the usual 1/3. You are also allowed 2 hexa & b's.

There was a sucess express challenge about 2months ago you may wish to search for that thread & have a read through.
Just to add to this, anything with a syn value must be counted at the highest value
And snacks should be superfree!

Basically you eat a lot more superfree and less free foods which reduces your calorie intake and improves your losses. It's a good plan if you have been struggling to lose or have reached a plateau in your weight loss.


Slim for Summer
Ahh i was wondering about this too

So if you wanted salad more salad and say pasta sauce(which is 1 syn on green, but 18 on red) even though i only do green id still have to syn it as if it was a red ??

Straight from the Success Express leaflet..

Success Express, uses the same three steps to success: Free Foods, Healthy Extras and Syns, with a focus on Superfree fods that will boost your weight loss beautifully. Whether you follow Success Express every once in a while, every day or something in between, you'll enjoy loads of filling, satisfying food with just a touch more control.

1. Focus on Free Food Power!

Enjoy three Success Express meals a day. Each mealtime, follow the 2-to-1 plate principle: fill one third of your plate with Free Food and two thirds of your plate with Superfree Foods - giving a touch more control to help boost your weight loss. For example, have a third of a plate jacket potato and tuna with a huge side salad filling the remaining two thirds - without weighing or counting.

2. Choose your Healthy Extras
Each day choose once or twice from the Healthy Extra 'a' list and twice from any Healthy Extra 'b' list, weighing and measuring when needed.
You can add your Healthy Extras to meals, for example by having a sandwich made with a third of a plateful of ham, two thirds of a plateful of salad and two slices of wholemeal bread from a small 400g loaf. Or you can enjoy your Healthy Extras between meals.
You'll find the complete Healthy Extras lists on pages 21-25 and 29-33 of your Food Optimising book.

3. Snack on Superfree Foods
Between meals, for starters and desserts, enjoy Superfree foods - fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables. You'll find the complete list on pages 11-13 of your Food Optimising book. You can also enjoy those foods that are Free on both the Green and Original choices - that is eggs, fat free dairy products and vegetable proteins (see page 18 of your Food Optimising book).

4. Enjoy 5-15 Syns
To add a touch of additional structure and help you achieve that great weight loss, with Success Express we ask you to count the higher Syn value wherever they differ. For example, a thick pork sausage has 6 Syns on Original and 8.5 Syns on Green. On a Success Express day, count the higher (green) Syn value.

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