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Extra Easy What is extra easy plan


Call me Nicky xx
got this from another thread. Might explain it better than I can.

This info should help:

If you’ve been to group in the last few days you’ll have discovered Slimming World’s fab new plan that takes Food Optimising to exciting new places – more freedom, more flexibility, more Free Food! (If you haven’t been to group since Christmas, don’t miss out on this exciting news!)
Extra Easy is the perfect introduction to Food Optimising and, for existing members, brings even more choice.

There are 3 Extra Easy steps:

Choose Free Food – anything that’s Free on Green or Original. So pasta, rice, potatoes, meat, fish, poultry etc are all Free.

Choose Healthy Extras – Each day select one Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice and one Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice. (No need to choose chicken, new potatoes or wholemeal pasta as Healthy Extras – they’re all Free with Extra Easy!)

Enjoy 5 -15 Syns each day – And if the Syn values for Green and Original foods are different on the standard Syns list, count the lower one!

Sounds good? You’ll find lots of delicious dishes in your brand new Extra Easy booklet – giving you more flexibility than ever with Green and Original Free Foods on the same day, the same plate and the same recipe!

Questions & Answers

Can I enjoy any Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice with Extra Easy or just those listed in the new book?

You can choose any Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice you like! We wanted to keep our new Extra Easy book as simple as possible so we included the most popular Healthy Extra ‘b’ choices – bread, cereals, crispbreads. If you fancy porridge for breakfast, a bowl of soup for lunch or tinned peaches for pudding you can choose them from the extended Healthy Extra ‘b’ list in the Green and Original Food Optimising book.

Why only two Healthy Extras a day?

Because any food that’s Free on Green or Original can be enjoyed freely on Extra Easy, many of the Green and Original Healthy Extra choices – wholemeal pasta, new/jacket potatoes, beans and pulses, meat, poultry and fish – can also be eaten freely. You can enjoy that lovely balance at mealtime – for Shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, chicken hotpot and potatoes, beef chilli and beans – to satisfy your appetite and without using a Healthy Extra choice.
Because there’s even more Free Food on offer, Extra Easy has to tighten up elsewhere –that’s why we ask you to choose once from each Healthy Extra list, making sure that Extra Easy works as beautifully as Green or Original.

How much weight can I expect to lose with Extra Easy?

We know that everyone is different – different activity levels, at different points in your weight loss journey, with different amounts of weight to lose. What we also know is that if you Food Optimise 100% - whether that’s following the Green, the Original or the Extra Easy plan – you will lose weight. It’s guaranteed.

What happens to Mix2Max and Success Express now?

Mix2Max and Success Express are still great choices – if and when you want to try them.

Is ⅓ plate of Superfree Food mandatory?

No, we’d never insist you eat in a way that might not suit you. However, we encourage you to include ⅓ plate of Superfree Food to keep Extra Easy extra low energy density (low calorie), extra satisfying and extra healthy to optimise weight loss.

Can I choose Free Branded Foods as well as basic Free Foods on Extra Easy?

Yes, yes, yes!


Call me Nicky xx
well it works for many including me so thats all that matters to me !!.

I do it at home too so cant quote the site or a SW consultant I'm afraid. xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
It's fantastic! You don't feel as if you are dieting and you're not always thinking about your healthy extras. I use mine as milk and cereal.


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so how does it work if your mixing both days together
You get less healthy extras (only 1 A and 1 B), which can help to take account of the fact you're eating both red and green free foods.

Also, if you think about a week as a whole (e.g. 3 red, 4 green days), extra easy is just that same week all mixed up into 7 days with both red and green foods at different times. And finally, remember SW wouldn't offer a plan that didn't work!

You don't have to do a whole week of EE though - each day you can choose whether to have a red, green or EE day.
My friend is doing EE and loving it! But she said you had to do EE every day for a week and could not change to red and green days??? I thought EE would be good at weekend (my difficult time) or one days eating out. Any advice?
Thanks Trixie


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My friend is doing EE and loving it! But she said you had to do EE every day for a week and could not change to red and green days??? I thought EE would be good at weekend (my difficult time) or one days eating out. Any advice?
Thanks Trixie
Not true. You can do an EE day whenever you like, mixing it up with red or green days or doing a whole week.

Fact!!!! :)


I'm the tortoise.
Mix it up! A green, a red an EE, a red a green lol it's like a dance! It just works, I dunno why. I'm a bad, bad cheat, and it's still working, steadily losing 1/2lb a week on average.
I joined last night and I am giving this a try today. Just looked at the syns in wine so thinking I am going to change my tipple to vodka in future. Got a very nice bottle of champagne for my 40th that I might keep for celebrating goal though ;0)

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