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What is refeed?


Ugly duckling going Swan.


Ugly duckling going Swan.
It's confusing because I have heard it in reference to slimming world but haven't actually seen or read anything about it. You may be right. I just thought I should ask as to be honest, I have not seen a massive amount of information on what to do when you hit target other than adding an extra Healthy extra or two. Oh my brain!
Bless lol. I did SW and hit target in June. I was advised to just add more HEX's each week untill I found I maintained. I'm sure an expert on SW will be along soon and well done on your loss so far
Hi, its nothing to do with slimming world, i think it's in relation to a meal replacement diet. I've never done one of these, but I think you don't eat actual food while you're losing the weight, and then once you have reached your target weight and need to start eating again you have a period of "refeed", where you introduce food again. Obviously not something that happens with SW because you're always eating real food, and its a lifelong way of losing weight and keeping it off!

i think. Like i say, i'm certainly no expert and have never done this kind of diet before, so i'm sure someone else can fill in the gaps for you!

Yeah this isnt anything to do with SW, theres no 'refeed' because sw isnt a meal-replacement diet. The only efforts you make to maintain is possibly allowing yourself more HE's once at target. xx
Yes, as the others said, refeed refers to total meal replacement/sole source diets. When youve lost weight on them, you refeed by gradualy adding real food.
It has nothing to do with SW.
I think "refeed" is such a funny term. It makes me think of when birds regurgitate their food to feed their little chicks. Yuk.:yuk:

I'm so glad I eat proper food. :rolleyes:


a new way of living!
I did a total food replacement in 2008, and refeed is when you introduce normal food again.

the diets are very effrective, very hard and make you the most misrible person to be around! lol well it did me. ;)

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