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What is wrong with me (contains food ref)

Hi guys

Don't know what is wrong with me! Diet has been going fine. I had a bad day at work and came home and ate about EIGHT spoonfuls of Nutella out of the jar, pretty much without even thinking about it! Now I feel really sick and really upset with myself!

Will it knock me out of ketosis? Also, why the hell did I do it?! It was like I was a robot and wasn't even thinking - I just did it!

Really upset :cry:
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Ok - I have just squirted washing up liquid into the jar and put the jar in the bin to stop me having anymore and I have to say it was a great feeling.
I'm sure it will be an even better feeling when I can control myself when there is chocolate in the house.....
well done

as for knocking you out of k, i'm not sure.
i'd drink plenty of water and keep going
oh hun we all have days like that.. i sometimes find myself doing things that i shouldnt do, because thats how always been.

its like a habit......sounds to me tho you know your weak point and are planning for it with throwing out the nutella!
Thank you for the replies - along with the chucking out the jar they have made me feel much much better!

I am glugging the water now and hoping I will see pink on my ketostix tomorrow morning.

I am just so surprised I did that without even thinking about it - shocking!
I'm pretty sure Nutella has some sort of chemical in it that means you can eat most of a jar without noticing (it may be called chocolate!)! Well done though for moving on, and hopefully you'll be fine tomorrow! :)
I'm concerned about this happening to me, coz i know that when i have an 'episode' nothing can stop me, not even myself. So because I live on my own and I can, I have got rid of every scrap of food that is in my house!! I have nothing but water and my cd sachets and dogfood and bird food.
I know not everybody is in the same lucky position as me and i bet its bloomin difficult to cope with.
I cook for my parents three times a week at their house and yesterday I had to conciously stop myself from licking my fingers everytime something went on them as a habit (yes in the past I always washed them afterwards lol)
Lynne x
Yeah I worry about what is going to happen in the future when I resume to eating food and eat healthily, but obviously I can't force my partner to who is naturally slim and loves junk food.... I'm not sure how I am going to control myself in the future and am really quite concerned about it to be honest with you!
It wont take you too long a time to lose the weight. Wouldn't your partner be understanding and promise not to eat in front of you. Loads of the peeps on here say that their partners cook and eat their food while they go to the bedroom or for a walk?
Ask him perhaps he will help you that way.
Tell him it's a serious issue for you and that you need him to help.
Lynne x
Yeah he has been very co-operative while I'm on the diet, it's more when I get back to eating food and trying to be healthy that I am worrying about - fingers crossed heh!


Doing Slimming World
We all fall off the wagon, just think that next time if you get tempted to go for chocolate it may give you a similar headache to the one you got today - that might help put you off?

Put it behind you, stick to it 100% from now and glug the water and you may find you'll be ok.
lol, when I was a girl, my brother and I used to eat the dogs biscuits regularly. Not out of necessity you understand, just out of curiosity lol.
Lynne x

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