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what is wrong with me?

today is one week since i start Atkins diet. it`s strange but my apetite is increasing instead of decreasing. not sure what could be the reason. the scales showed the weight i lost during the first 4 days is back. ketostix showed pale pink.
but my measures are improving. i drink a lot of water and decaf. for the water i delute 50 ml of sugar free double concentrate lemon from tesco in 1 liter water . it has 0.5 sugar in 100 ml.
the rest of my carbs i get from 3-4 cups of green leaves per day. i don`t eat any other vegetables, no mayo, cream, butter. i ate cheese for 3 days, but i stop now.
yesterday i snacked on crispy smoked bacon, 55 g packet. but it has 0 carb. i am really confused. shall i try to reduce my calorie intake? i read that too much fat is ok but could slow down the wight loss.
i ordered my book today.
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You need to up the fat. Simple as that. This will not work if you do it low fat, in fact it could make you unwell. Butter, cream, mayo - get it on your salads and veggies and cream in your coffee. That's what makes this work and makes it so enjoyable too! X


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Yes I agree, you don't seem to be eating any fat. And I'd give up the squash too. When I did Atkins years ago, it was the squash that stalled me. You could try added a few drops of lime juice to water, I do this sometimes.

yes i agree, you don't seem to be eating any fat. And i'd give up the squash too. When i did atkins years ago, it was the squash that stalled me. You could try added a few drops of lime juice to water, i do this sometimes.
it could be the squash really. But it helps me to drink plenty of water and to cope with the sugar cravings. I am afraid that if i don`t have anything sweet i wouldn`t last long. Honestly, i prefer to lose the few lbs slowly than to give up after a severe sugar craving. Not sure really.
About my fats. I do eat a lot of fat. The canned mackerel in oil is really fatty, i make my own baked and crispy bacon for snacks, sometimes i buy packed one in m&s. It`s fatty , isn`t it? I add a tsp of olive oil to my green salads. The meatballs i make at home are from tesco mince meat but not the lean one. However i baked them in the oven or grill, which actually drains most of the fat. The meat balls literally are half their size when baked.
What else? The salamis i buy are 0 carbs but fatty, sometimes i bake the slices to make them crispy and again it reduces their size and fat contents. May be i should be more relaxed with the fat and use some cream. To be honest i am afraid and terrified by the thought of cream or butter. I didn`t use for at least 10 years any. Well, not consiously.
Not even sure which one they sell in my local tesco. I should go and check later.
How about the tomatoes?
Or mushrooms? I didn`t introduced any veggies apart from green salads and green cabbage and my salads are getting a bit boring.
I didn`t eat yet today,just one slice salami, 60 kcal when i woke up .
Just the thought of baked ham and egg is so tempting i wanna leave the office right now and have a brekkie.
This is what i love about the diet. All the allowed food was forbidden for me for ages. It feels like i died and woke up in heaven. Eat fat and bacon and chicken winks and drums but not getting fat.
By the way i use for my salad few drops of lemon acidic concentrate. You know, the small yellow plastic bottles. It says no sugar. Is it ok.
And i use garlic and cumin powder sometimes. Do you think it could be the problem?
Which cream do you recommend? Thank.

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