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Discussion in 'Strugglers and Restarters' started by ohtobeslimer, 28 October 2006 Social URL.

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  1. ohtobeslimer

    ohtobeslimer ohtobeslimer

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    At last I've found you all. was originally on DH started LL Nov 2005 changed to CD Jan 06 lost 6 stone in total upto May 06 - then stopped about 2 stone from target. What a suprise I have now put 2 stone back on!!!!

    Dont know what is wrong with me - I have been like this all my life. I have no problem loosing weight but can never seem to maintain the weight loss. I am in a constant cycle of bingeing then dieting typical yo yo dieting. When I stopped the diet I was a size 14 from a 24 and was reallly happy at this size even though I was 2 stone off target, but I just cant maintain it.

    This was the first time in years (probably 15 years) since I was a size 14 and was really happy with this so why cant I do it. I am now a tight size 16 but needing an outfit to go out in tonight - looks like I will need to buy size 18. Am really pi***d off with my self and have promised myself to restart tomorrow.

    Am so glad I have found you all coz i really dont think I can do this alone!

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  3. lavender

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    There isnt anything wrong with except one thing and that is that you are a HUMAN!!!

    we make mistakes, we eat when we dont need to, we beat ourselves up about it, we always say"I Will do it tomorrow", we secret eat, we starve ourseleves, we believe life will better if were slimmer, sound familiar???

    So stop thinking your a freak or an oddity because you are just the same as everyone of the rest of us ( and all those other poor souls who have yet to find us!!)

    You have done amazingly well to loose so much weight already and the fact that it hasnt all gone back on plus a bit more sounds to me like an acheivement, as we have all done that!!
    so you have already changed an old pattern, now you need to take a few more steps forward and change a few more, this isnt a race and if it takes you years to move forward so what , your'e moving and all the while you are doing that you are making progress.

    You have done really well, focus on what you CAN do and not what you CANT, if you feel the time is right and you can get back to SSing then go for it, if you feel it is going to be too hard to go straight back to then try Minis guide to getting back to it

    DAY ONE.

    Allow yourself all the foods on the 1500 plan for one day; add in One Cambridge Diet pack for the day... EAT, GUILT FREE, enjoy it!!


    Move down to 1200Kcals. Slowly we are reducing the carbohydrate intake, and even the carbs we are taking are of a Low to medium Glycemic Index value... So the tired, sluggy feeling that carbs give us are limited.

    Also carbohydrates we were eating during our ‘before diet’ that contained refined sugars can alter our sugar levels and create the need for more food; this can be out of your control, the body can crave and demand more, leading to a break in abstinence!!


    Did you know anytime you eat refined carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, chips, pastries, beer, pasta, rice and sweets), it is converted into sugar by your body during digestion. In order to use the sugar, your body then releases insulin required by your cells to convert the sugar into energy.

    But since our diet can be so heavily comprised of carbohydrates and sugar, your cells start to be insensitive to your own insulin due to this abundance, over time.

    In other words, your cells start to resist your own insulin and therefore, your body has to produce more insulin to get the same job done. Left untreated over time, your over-production of insulin will reach chronic levels.

    Now, the big problem is…this excess insulin is very bad for you! Excess insulin signals your body to store sugar as fat, and go into fat saving mode. It is as if your body thinks you're a hungry bear going into hibernation. Like the bear, your metabolism slows down and makes it impossible for you to lose weight no matter how hard you try. You're always tired and always hungry. So what do you do?

    You eat even more making you even more insulin resistant. A vicious cycle isn't it?

    Working down the Cambridge phases, these factors are now controlled by the GI Diet. Reducing all levels, and preparing your body for Sole Source.


    Another day over and complete... you will have already upped your water to above 2 1/2 litres a day... You will be eating ALL the food allowance in the 1200 plan, enjoying every meal adding your 2 packs of
    diet a day.


    You can begin to move onto the 1000 plan today. Still only 2 food packs, but the carbohydrate intake just reduced again dramatically... this stage can leave you feeling pretty hungry, but mind over matter, its still easier than trying to go back to SS if you are bingeing and falling off.


    Sticking with the 1000 plan today, virtually a week has passed; mentally you are not abstaining in a painful way... Your body has reduced carb intake, fat intake, which will help reduce those headache side effects at the beginning of ketosis.
    You will feel the difference physically as well as on the scales. You will have a good weight loss so far, but NO PEEKING just yet! You are entering the diet plan with the right attitude... Ideally this should be spread over a couple of weeks (ask your CDC about the preparation stage, there are 4 stages to the Cambridge Health Plan, preparation, Weigh Loss, Stabilisation, And Maintenance. I know dieters minds, I have been there, and anyone that has done this plan before will want to jump straight back in!! we all know they don’t want to do a 'normal' diet for 3 weeks when they begin, they want to eat everything in sight the night before as a disastrous last supper and want to Sole Source immediately as they want to lose weight NOW.. Lol Be patient, this weight didn’t appear overnight, and keeping it off wont be that simple either.


    Drop your diet plan to 790, enjoy your proteins, and carbohydrate allowances, make sure you eat ALL you are allowed to eat, lose any fizzy diet drinks you may or maybe have been allowing yourself on the 1000 plan.. Include an extra pack now so you are consuming 3 packs, your meat, fish or cottage cheese allowance (measurements supplied in your yellow weight care with Cambridge booklet available from your CDC), or a combination of them. 2 1/2 litres of Plain water Minimum or water flavouring supplied by your CDC (personally I recommend upping your water to 3 or 4 litres if you can manage it), black tea, black coffee... and nothing else!!

    this next part is where I upset people..
    Sorry, but I’m not trying to do that, I’m trying to give you an alternative and effective route back to SS for those that have been unsuccessful in getting back on track..
    DON’T add ANYTHING extra to the plan that the book doesn’t recommend! That includes mints, fizzy drinks, marigold, blah blah...

    You want an easy route back, not a quick route back to DAY ONE AGAIN..

    Make this transaction as smooth as possible... e.g.: drive from
    Scotland to Birmingham... Don’t let’s drive past Devon
    on the way!

    I lost ten stone last year and for the last 2 stone dragged myself kicking and screaming... believe me when I say, if there was a way to cheat this diet and still get a good result, I looked for it!!
    I found out the hard way, there isn’t one!
    People, who add bits n bobs into the plan, may not even realise it at the time, but in the long run if you compare it to when you were A1 perfect, it was so much harder once you added things! The diet is tried and tested, and designed by a team of scientists; let’s not assume we know better than they did. If we did, would we be here now?


    Add A Meal... You may even be in ketosis... Don't test for it, it doesn’t matter...

    If you have done the plan to the T you will either be in, or on your way in the next 24/48 hours.

    And low and behold?


    Guess what? You’re sole sourcing, with a lot more ease than you were last week when you tried... (Just don’t forget to add a meal after 4 weeks!)

    One last thing... a slow entry, leaves you with the knowledge that, if you need a break you can gently move up onto a plan that suits you for a period of time without any guilt, and consequently end your diet plan, happy, guilt free... And with a healthier perspective of food!

    Well folks, there is a different approach to starting or restarting...

    I tried all the other things.. Sometimes you can try and try and try and it will not matter you WILL NOT go back fast... However, some do.... and there will always be one that jumps back in feet first and gets it off again.
    I have done it 3 times now... gone back onto the plan to Recover from a holiday gain... I have had to recover time off for surgery and giving up smoking and lastly honeymoon over indulgence...

    All this was before I did the maintenance phase.. And my gains if I’m honest were due to not having done maintenance prior to these events consequently suffering guilt for eating... Inevitably resulting in eating more than I should have!

    I told you earlier, I try everything... Well I always have done... And I always learn the hard way...

    Don’t suffer my pain…
    Do it the right way to begin with, and leave on a more positive note than some of us who have struggled through our weight loss have done...

    For those that are beginning for the first time below see below the official steps to get off to a great start on your first time on Cambridge.

    Getting Ready

    Use the preparation phase to reduce food intake gradually, especially if you will use ‘Sole Source’ to lose weight. Reduce the levels of carbohydrate, fats and sugar before you start.
    Begin 1 or 2 steps above your weight loss programme. For example, if Step 2 (790 kcal) was going to be used for weight loss, start on Step 4 (1200 kcal) for three days, then move down to Step3 (1000 kcal) for four days before starting the weight loss proper. Gradually increase the amount of water you drink - especially important for those who have a history of constipation.
    This should help out a bit, but dont dispare, there is always hope and the fact that you have reached out for help means you are hald way there, thats the hard bit so well done and good luck.
  4. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

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    LighterLife then CD
    None of us are perfect. We needed to just make the right choices most of the time in order to get to our goal and stay there.

    If you haven't done so already, I would really recommend starting a diet diary and in this record what you ate, when you ate it, where you ate it and why you ate it. Set it out in colomns to make comparison easier. I have found this a great benefit to me. :)

    Once you have been doing this for a while you may start to see a pattern in there. It maybe that a certain time, place or emotion is what is holding you back because it pushes you towards food.

    You can then tackle the most commonly occuring one first and devise ways of distracting yourself out of a situation or some other coping mechanism to get you through. These coping mechanisms will be personal to you to tick just the right boxes and get you through.

    Once you have successfully dealt with your biggest problem (as this will have the biggest impact on your acheivements) then you can move onto the next issue, and then the next and then the next. Take each one as it comes and think about what you could have done differently to help prevent the lapse as this is your tool to use for when it pops up again. :)

    After a while you will start to find that although you are not perfect, you will be getting it right enough of the time to get you to where you want to be. The more you practice making concious choices and putting into place your own personal coping strategies the easier it becomes ;)

    I hope this helps, good luck.
  5. Cheb

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    Cambridge Diet (SSing)

    Don't be so hard on yourself, we're all human.

    Why did you let yourself put it back on??????

    If you're anything like me, it's cos of loads of factors.

    Main one being cos food tastes good, it comforts us, we celebrate with it, we comiserate with it, we socialise with it......etc....etc....etc....

    Maybe deep down you feel you don't deserve to be slim and happy....wrong, you deserve to be all you want to be.

    You are tackling it now, you're not letting it get of control. Well done, we're all here for you. Maybe look into some additional help to try to break the cycle that you find yourself in. Maybe LL is the better diet for you due to the counselling on offer, TBH, although I didn't rate my C, cos she just read from the book and didn't seem to truly understand, I still feel that LL has the edge over CD cos any counselling must be helpful. Losing weight is not the whole story, finding out the reasons for gaining it is the bigger picture isn't it? I am on CD as LL is just too expensive for me now especially as DH is also SSing but if cost wasn't a consideration I think I would return to LL.

    Good luck.
  6. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

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    OMG, OMG u are my dieting twin - I am completely spooked:eek:

    I started LL on 31 October 2005 - lost 4 stone in 100 days. Switched to Cambridge in Feb 06 lost a further 2 stone (2 stone from goal!). Felt good, got complaicent(sp) was a size 16 (was a 26/28 before)! felt great (lowest weight since 1993!) - never officially stopped CD but messed around all summer - up and down half a stone. Went on holiday put on 10lbs - not bad, 3 weeks abroad, eating under control. Came home - eating out of control:eek: another 10lbs on!! Been trying really hard to get back on track but struggling daily. Feel really uncomfortable - size 16s no longer fit, size 18s OK but sold most of them so no clothes that fit:( Keep loosing the same 4-6lbs for the last couple of weeks. Really need to get my head in gear - lets do this together? We can do it - we've done it before...... I've not been good the last 2 days:eek: so starting with avengance in the morning.

    I see you are starting tomorrow too - how about we 'buddy' up - reckon you could loose a stone by 1 December? I reckon we both could - how about it? I've got a thread on here in the diary section I post daily on. Drop me a line let me know how your doing.....it is possible to loose 2 stone by Xmas - at least we'd be back where we were and only 2 stone to go then:D

    Keep posting here - it does help and everyone is so, so supportive.

    Good luck for tomorrow for you and me both hun:D :D

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  7. MandyB2

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