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What is your motivation to lose weight?

Well I have to admit that (as I am still wanting to drop a bit more weight even now i am in the healthy range) it is just general vanity!! Why waste my young years being too fat when I can still look great? I know I can still get down to a size 10 so why settle for being a 14?
To be and feel healthy
To feel confident
To look good in my clothes
To try for a new baby in 2011
  • keep my still excellent health
  • finally prove to myself and my recalcitrant body that YES-I CAN!
  • get esteem and respect from others
  • buy posh clothes :D
  • To be 'me' again before I'm 40.
  • If I don't tackle it now, then I'm never going to!
  • To be able to wear a nice frock for my post-grad graduation in November.
  • To be able to revamp my wardrobe totally and actually look good in clothes again!
- to be able to wear NICE clothes from normal shops, not just hunt for something that fits me and hides me
- to be fit and healthy, with loads of energy. I've lost some weight before (then put it all back on and more), and want to feel like that again!
- so that at some point during my time at university, I can have some photos of me that I actually like! (I have a couple that I like from before I *really* piled on the weight, but I want more!)
- so I won't opt out of social events. Last year, I decided not to do so many things that I could have... even things like walking to the beach with friends, because I wouldn't be able to keep up.
- so I can fit into the lovely dresses I already have sitting in my wardrobe.
- so when I come "home" (to my parents) during the holidays, I won't break the cabin bed in my room when I haul myself up on it. (Not happened yet, but I live in fear!)
- so I can actually ENJOY looking in the mirror in my room, rather than hanging my towel in front of it.
- so I can fill what my housemates have nicknamed my "Narnia wardrobe" :D with gorgeous clothes I'll actually wear.
- so I can let my male friends (who seem to enjoy picking me up) pick me up, without worrying that they'll drop me and/or hurt themselves.
- so I won't get so sweaty at the slightest hint of physical exertion. >.<
- so my thighs won;t rub together when I walk; meaning I'll be able to wear skirts without cycling shorts underneath.
- so I can walk at normal people speed. At the moment, I walk so slowly I feel embarrassed if someone is walking along the street behind me, and stop and pretend to be on my phone so they can walk past me (which slows me down even more!).

- so I can be a different kind of invisible. Right now, I'm apparently invisible to most people apart from my friends, and people who make fun of me. I want to be invisible in a crowd... to blend in and not be a talking point just because of my weight.

Kind of... you know when you're meeting friends somewhere, like a restaurant/cafe/club/social setting/wherever, and you're sitting/standing there waiting for them; every time the door opens you look to see if it's your friend, but if it's not, then you wouldn't be able to describe later on all the people who came in before your friend, because they're "just" other people? (Unless there's something really unusual about a particular person who walked in.)
I feel like people would remember me walking in, because of my size... whereas if one of my friends at uni walked into a room, if people remember him it's because he's got a bright pink mohawk. :p

  • I really want to look good in a dress that i've been looking at.

  • I want to fit into nice clothes without my stomach sticking out. :eek:

  • I'd like to feel more confident.

  • I want to look nice for a concert i'm going to next year.

  • I want to live long.
What is your motivation? ;)
Actually, you don't need to diet per se if you want to lose weight, , they have a lot of tips and tricks, I worked off 10 pounds by following their helpful advice.
my motivation

Actually, you don't need to diet per se if you want to lose weight, , they have a lot of tips and tricks, I worked off 10 pounds by following their helpful advice,there are two thing u can do to lose weight [1]some people use pills to loss weight problem but before u do this u have know your body metabolism
1. To look good
2. To feel good about myself
3. To not be embarassed to go out with my friends as theyr all skinny and im not :(
4. To be able to enjoy myself at parties/social occasions
5. To be able to wear my old clothes and new ones
6. To have the guy of my dreams who adored me once upon a time to do so again. Just being noticed again by the guy i just totally love would make me so happy!
7. To boost my self esteem- i have no confidence in myself whatsoever!
8. To be able to meet old 'now fabulous looking' friends and for them to think i look great!

losing weight would make me sooooo happy!!!!! and i know it, yet it seems like the hardest thing to do!


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I would like some confidence and self esteem back.
I would like to feel healthier.
I would like to be able to get around easier.
I would like to feel normal.
I would like to be able to start socializing again and not live like a hermit.
I would like to not be embarrassed when leaving the house.
I would like to be able to do more things with my daughter.
I would like to be able to go for walks without feeling like I'm dying.
I would like to feel good enough about myself to not accept being in a bad relationship.
I would like to meet new people and not worry about what they think of my size.
To be more confident
To fit into my old clothes
To not dread photos of myself appearing on Facebook etc
To be happy with how I look
To be healthier

Here's to a slimmer 2011! :p


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I forgot about the facebook thing, nightmare! I turned off my tagged photos and pics, set it so only I could see them!


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I want to feel confident with the way I look.
I want to be happy with what I see in the mirror.
I want to stop being the biggest person in our family.
I want to not dread going clothes shopping! I used to love it when size wasn't a big issue and would love to be like that again.


Losing the baby fat
* My daughter is 18 months old and I don't want to be a fat mam, I want to be running aorund literally with her, she's a big part of my motivation
* I don't want to die/be ill/diabetes
* I've got a wardrobe full of clothes I cant fit into, I want my clothes back!
* I hate the way I look and I know I can change it
* Because I've lost weight before I KNOW what I can achieve and How I will feel and I want it back again.


Les Mills Fitness Freak
- the health benefits, i want to stay fit for life
- confidence
- pretty clothes
My motivation.. I planned a romantic getaway in Jamaica, just me and my husband, and planning to look gorgeous/perfect/fantastic/amazing/breathtaking.. Well, you've got the picture :D
I have been overweight for much of my life, and I have always been able to drop a decent amount of weight when I needed to. However I always end up putting the weight right back on. This year is much different... my wife and I are preparing to welcome our first child into the family at the end of June. I absolutely REFUSE to remain overweight, not only for my own mental and physical health, but also for the sake of my unborn child as well as for my wife.

Hopefully with all of your support, I'll be able to achieve my goal!
My motivation is that my 13 year old daughter, keeps calling me 'fatty' and whilst I laugh it off, it really hits me where it hurts!!
Of course she is only a size 8, and can eat what she wants, I remember those days well! Here's to a succesful 2011, where our dreams can become realities x
To fit into a size 14.

To be able to walk up a flight of stairs without wanting to stop every 30 seconds for a breather.

To keep up with my niece when playing.

History of diabetics in the family. (On both sides!!)