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What is your motivation?

Having done every diet on the planet, from Weight Watchers to the Cambridge and Slimming World more times that I care to remember, I wonder what if anything has been my motivation.

My last attempt at SW was earlier this year and it took many months but I lost in excess of a stone to fit comfortably in my bridesmaid dress for my sisters wedding instead of it being snug!!

Overall, I have about 6-7 stones to lose so this was just the start but since the wedding in August, I have put it all back on and hate myself. I have no motivation however to go back.

There are some fab weight losses on here so I wonder what motivates you guys or keeps you on track.

I even thought of buying a dress a size smaller for the party season in the hope of slimming into it for xmas!

I am just in a vicious circle of loving my food and not having to think about but then I know I can't carry on the way I am.

Does this make sense, how do you guys handle it?
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I have done SW in the past but stopped and put it back on. I am now back. i'm two weeks in and have lost 6lb. My motivation is a holiday to Cuba next april. I have brought 2 bikini's and would love to be able to wear them and feel comfortable. fingers crossed.
I am also doing the diet with a friend. I really feel the support we give each other is helping.
Maybe set yourself little targets, like a new dress for xmas, rather than thinking of the 6 or 7 stone you want to loose overall.
Good luck. Really hope you do it! x
What motivates me is that I want to be like everyone else and be pregnant and start a family of my own!

I can't do it in the state my body is now!

It's hard! losing weight is one of the hardest things you will do! but it will be worth! thats what I keep telling my self!
I am just starting on my journey, and I spent years refusing to diet because I didn't want to be the kind of person who does diets, I thought that if you diet you must hate food and that people who hate food can't love life.

Then my uncle had a heart attack in his mid thirties, my mum had a stroke in her mid fifties, and while being treated by the hospital for a non-weight-related issue I discovered that I was 100kg :eek: And I realised that actually people who love life look after their bodies, and that I'd rather be the kind of person who does diets than the kind who dies early or severely hampers their life when they could have chosen not to :( I don't want to end up like my family.

My motivation is mainly to do with my health. I have never much cared about my appearance but I do wonder if this will change when I slim down.


Wishing and hoping!
For vaniety reasons to look good and feel confident in my body. Also I want to look after my body for health reasons and I am currently trying to concieve and think if I lose weight it will help with getting pregnant easier and also if I do get pregnant at least the better loses the more healthy pregnancy I will have :)
Hiya, I was doing the same as you, knowing I should do something about my weight but having no motivation to do so. One day though a few things (kids, health etc) made me think enough is enough - and I've been on the straight and narrow since April and loving it. It was literally an overnight decision, the motivation just kicked in and has stayed (thank goodness). I would suggest that if your motivation isn't there at the moment then there is little point in starting SW again because you've got to be motivated if you're in it for the long haul. When something clicks with you and you decide to make the change permanently I have no doubt that SW will work for you and that you can make a success of it. Good luck x
My inspiration is my dream wedding dress! I get married next August and i bought my wedding dress whilst is about 1 dress size smaller. So its a case of i HAVE to fit into it!!!! And to be able to feel comfortable on honeymoon in a bikini! I think buying a dress is a brill idea, as long as your target is achieveable for christmas. Otherwise you might end up thinking im not going to fit into it so why bother and feeling even worse! x
My motivation is down to nearly dying last year. I suddenly needed to change my life round so that i'm here for my children and my husband. It's taken 12 months to get my head around things and finially 2 months into losing weight.
My motivation is down to nearly dying last year. I suddenly needed to change my life round so that i'm here for my children and my husband. It's taken 12 months to get my head around things and finially 2 months into losing weight.

Wow I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad expirience! Atleast it puts things into perspective and your finally ready and go u!


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Mine is to be able to get pregnant.
To be able to shop in a regular shop.
To know people are looking at me cause I look good not because Im the biggest one there.


Plodding on.......

I sympathise and I'm sure that most of us can relate to how you feel. I have been overweight for many years (still am). Have managed to lose significant amounts of weight twice in the past but never kept it off. I've always been someone who can lose weight reasonably easily if I eat sensibly, I just didn't. Then starting SW online recently and it just works for me. I have lost 2 stone in just over 2 months. However I had to be in the 'right place' to do it. I made a snap decision to try it having seen a few people with very succesful weight losses which motivated me and haven't looked back. I don't see this as a diet but hopefully my way of life from now on. But I'm pretty certain if I'd done this 6 months ago or 1 year ago, it wouldn't have worked for me - I just wasn't ready to make the commitment, no matter how much I wanted to.

You are doing well though, looking at this site. You will see the most amazing success stories as well as people who have a long way to go but have made a significant start. When you are ready, go for it. I have done it online which is working for me. I would never have dreamt of going to a club when I started but now I'm seriously considering it. I think that will probably help support me and keep me motivated in the long run and I hear how much people benefit from that here - it may even help you get started properly.

You could try writing a list of all the things that you want to do in the future, but all the things that make you want to not be overweight too (eg being able to fit in an airline seat and not worrying about not being able to put the table down etc etc) and set yourself mini targets. For me, there is no point in aiming for being in a bikini ! Maybe in the longer term, but for now mini goals that I can achieve and be proud of is enough. You will be surprised how quickly it will start to change.

Good luck.

Gail x
I want to be able to show my arms in public and not hide when someone gets their camera out .. i've had years of 'shame' now i just want to look pretty


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Aside from body confidence and supporting fitness.

I've had a couple of scares with cancer and want to maximise the time I can spend with my kids and make it more enjoyable.

Good health = longer life, feeling better, being able to do more and enjoying things more.

It's also helped my mood and depression no end.
The main reason i have is because were wanting a family but undergoing hospital treatment to help us achieve this, losing weight has gotta help.
And now i got another reason in the fact that my SIL has booked her wedding for the coming summer and i want to look pretty in a dress instead of hiding away at the back out of the way of the camera x
My main reason is health.
I have been suffering with back problems for about 3 years now, but in the last few months it has got to the point where I am in constant pain, and now not only my back but my knee and feet.
Just waiting for the results of an MRI scan but I know that loosing all my excess weight will at least ease the pain if nothing else.

Then there is my children, I have 2 young boys (ages 6 and 18 months) I want to be able to keep up with them!

ANd lastly, I just want to go into a shop and buy normal sized clothes!!!!!!! I want to walk past a shop and not recoil in discust when I see my reflection!!!!!!
I saw myself in a photo and I decided I cannot look like this when I get married!


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mine is health reasons too. Type 2 diabetes is in my family and i am now 41 years old and i want to live my life and enjoy it.
I went for a roller blade lesson and one of the first lessons was to get up off the floor and it was a bloody struggle as the fat on the top of my leg caused a big problem. i dont want food to be the enemy anymore. i want to feel sexy and look sexy for myself.

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