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What is your reason

For starting Lipotrim? Mine is the fact that I feel really uncomfortable in my clothes and I wear the same things over and over again. I love fashion but the clothes don't fit. Hence my makeup, handbag and shoe addiction (They all fit) :D Also I weighed myself a few weeks ago and weighed the most I ever have. I want to be healthy and see my kids grow up, my 15 month old has lots of energy and I sit back and watch, I really want to join in but just don't have the energy. Also my ex mother in law has been a huge inspitation to me. She weighed 20 stone and in June last year had a gastric bypass. She now weighs 14 stone. Which is less than me. She looks like a picture of health and I want to look healthy too. One last thing - Sex drive (Whats that) I want it back and I want to feel sexy - Roarrrrrrrr :8855:
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i just want to feel comfortable again and am partly there, feel so much better now and it just keeps getting better really

also want to enjoy summer and not be bothered about having no top on etc


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My sex drive is non existant too...

i start with all good intentions, but then think bleh, cant b bothered which make it harder for OH and i feel really bad, hence trying to get in the mood in the first place...

hopeing once i am off it again it will coem back with avengance, as it used to be me pestering him all the time!

My reason is to feel more attractive when doing such activites as mentioned above ha
and to not be the Fat friend any more..

also health issues, and cos i just hate it



My husband = My hero
lol Poor us! im gettin puppy dog eyes, and creepin hands ha, feel lie saying, [ay back for all the times iv near begged haha

Ha Ha, notice Adam didn't mention sex drive!


My husband = My hero
cos he doesnt know what it means...


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ahaha! mine is nothing to do with my sex drive - my drive has always been sky high!!!!! ;)

Rather i started because i was fed up of always being the fat burd on nights out, fed up of wearing the same boring jeans and t-shits/hoodies and i have a holiday booked at the end of august to Turkey (and maybe another one for june) and i wanted to look good in a bikini dammit!!! ;) Oh and one more reason - i cant handle the sweating! I wouldnt be able to handle going to turkey in 30 degree heat and wear a t-shirt!!! no way!!!!!!!!
I guess I'm quite lucky cos at the mo my man is so stressed out and knackered all the time he's not bothered either!

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