What keeps you going???


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Well Im looking at being on this diet for another 3/4 months on top of the 2 Ive already done (including a break for xmas) and the thing that gets me through it is purely the weight losses and how quickly you see a difference in yourself, mentally and physically, this diet has changed my life =D I couldnt wait to come back on TFR after xmas to be losing weight again! It is a fantastic feeling and im sure once you see that first loss on the scales you will be just as hooked as me ;) xxx


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Im like yourself im going to be on this for monthsssssssssssss :D but im just thinking of it as get throught it today and not thinking about how many days as it would drive me nuts I think. Like the singer (cant mind her name) ONE DAY AT A TIME just be glad you dont hear my singing :whistle::whistle:


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I did this for 6/7 weeks and the thing that kept me going was 'one day at a time'. I set myself very small goals. Get through the first week, get through the second and even smaller goals of get through the weekend if I was finding it really tough. Initially I went to my pharmacist and said I wanted to do it for 6 weeks to lose a stone and a half. He said 8 would be better to get me closer to my 2.5 stone target. 8 weeks seemed a loooong time to me! In my mind I really only focused on doing it for 4 weeks - at 4 weeks I was feeling so positive I kept going for another 2 weeks. I might have kept going over Christmas but most people disappeared off this site to refeed and have a life outside of TFR and I just found it too hard to stay on it, particularly as I knew that really I needed to do another 4 weeks not just 2 to get to my 2.5 stone target.
I guess what I'm trying to say is don't think about 6 months into the future - just think about getting through January and don't put too much pressure on yourself. You don't know how the weight is going to come off. It maybe super fast or it maybe slightly slower than you hoped. Or you may want to have a break at somepoint for a holiday etc. Don't think about 6 months of TFR think of today then tomorrow and I promise you will soon look back and think 'oh wow - a month has gone by - I did it' Focus only on today. It's painful at the time but over in a flash when you look back. I promise xxxx


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OMG i am so glad that you guys are posting stuff and good questions are being asked. Today is my second day and i know that's not mass achievement but i have to think to myself when would i not eat for me than two days unless ill if i didn't have a goal. A goal i can have if just for once i stuck to it and just take one day at a time every hour that passes, every glass of water every meal time you sit through with the shake you just got to say I DID IT!

I cant wait to be proud of myself and feel good about myself when i am here next week saying i did it a full first week because after that it can only get easier!



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coming on here to is helping me alot seeing peoples success ect :)


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inpsirational posts

I have to say it's really inspirational reading all your posts, it really is. Thank you all for posting your stories.


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I actually find Lipotrim easy, I have lost weigh as you can see from my little doggie below; including in this weight loss is three weeks off for holiday in November and two weeks off at Christmas. Lipotrim is an easier way of life for me, and I dread eating full time again. I had a main goal to be out of the obese category BMI, mini goals that kept me going were getting into my jeans again and being able to walk without needing oxygen. The gang on here have been really inspirational and have kept me encouraged. I have 21lb still to lose, but am taking it a week at a time, weigh in to weigh in. Be enouraged, you cannot fail to lose weight.


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I have been on this since 18th July 2011 - so coming up to 6 months and I have at least another 2 months to go (inc Jan) to get to my initial target of 16st - then I have to see about going further to 15st. My ideal weight according to the BMI charts is 13st 10lbs but I cannot believe that I would look human at that weight! SO I am going for 15st. What keeps me going is a number of things - Almost every 3 or 4 days I try on some clothes and the thrill of being able to fit into clothes that wouldn't even go over my arms previously is fantastic. I am throwing away anything that is too big as on a previous occasion I lost weight but kept all my clothes which in hindsight was not good as I always had bigger clothes to grow into - so I did!. I am not doing that this time - I want ot be able to fit comofrtably on Plane seats, thestre seats - chairs in restuarants etc - I am sick of kids looking at me like I was Santa Claus in Mufti - struggling to walk up hills. This is what keeps me motivated - I also lost my job 2 years ago after 25 years - and in trying to get a new one I have realised that grossly fat people no matter how good they may be don't get proper consideration so again that is a good reason. Lastly I want my health to be good as I am 55 now and I think I have let myself go for long enough. So go for it and succeed!!


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