What made you all get big in the first place????


Dreaming of being slim!
Just wondered really.

I have quite a good diet-lots of veg, lean meat and the odd pudding. I dont really eat lots of chocolate or drink lots of booze.

My downfall is my portion size. I am greedy-plain and simple. My portion sizes are massive, I can put away twice as much as my hubby, if not more. I literally eat and eat and eat until I feel ill.

What about you?

This is what is going to be hard when I diet but my determination is there and I will succeed.
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Portion size definitely for me, also dead calorie eating because it was there, also comfort eating, habit eating and boredom eating.


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I have several downfalls, portion size is one of them, butter, take outs, cakes and chocs. Although now I have bee off all that for over 5 days now and I don't really miss them! I think lack of exercise too! YOu fill up on the food then become a coach potato! And wine, I love white wine and bailys!


Dreaming of being slim!
Mmmmmm Baileys!!!!

I have takeaways once a week when the kids are at grandma's. Going to miss those!!


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Just imagine your choc shake is bailys! LOL! I am not craving food at all on this! I am really shocked. Last year I tried and failed after 3 days. I put this down to my CDC not good, lack of support and no motivation! This time I am upto naerly a week, and I have not been tempted at all! Afain, thd CDC is Very good and my partner, my mates at work and this forum! Everyone is telling me to "Go Girl!"

How long you been doing CD?


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jam doughnuts...............i didn't know they had calories¬!!


Dreaming of being slim!
I havent started yet!!
I am starting on the 29th-its been the date in my head for weeks now.
I am all prepared. Have a friend who has just started and lost 15lb in her first week!!! She has gave me her phone number to call when it gets tough. My family are all ready for me to start. Hubby booked a few days off to 'look after' me when it gets hard or to watch the kids nd cook while I sod off for a million baths.
Just need to get the scales sorted and I am raring to go!


Coffee and lack of exercise. Starbucks Grande Caramel Macchiato, 254 calories. Can't tell you the shock when I found that out.

I used to exercise loads, then I moved house and started working from home, so I went from cycling 8 miles a day and gym 3-4 times a week to nothing. I did go to the gym when I first moved, then that tailed off because I couldn't really spare the time during the day. I didn't adjust my eating accordingly - simple as that. I just let it go on for far too long. I figured out that 100 fewer calories per day would have kept me at the same weight. Ah well, we live and learn.


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I've always had a weight problem of some sort.

Was a tubby child and plump teenager. First joined WW in 1992, when I was 21. Since then have yo-yo'd down to almost goal and back several times, on each occasion getting a bit heavier.

But, up until 1995, I never went over around 12 stone, so although I was a couple of stone overweight, I could just about get away with it.

Then I met the man I am about to marry. I'm not blaming him for my weight gain in the least, I'm a big girl and should be in control of what I eat. But ....

1) when we first started dating, our courtship revolved around eating and drinking - and not much has changed since!
2) he worked (changed job 4 months ago, thankfully) for a chocolate company, and we were always surrounded by the stuff, which he got free. And free food has no calories, right? ;)
3) he's a tall, broad bloke who likes his food, and I matched him in portion-size
4) I moved in with him, meaning a much longer commute and total lack of inclination to cook when I got home. So we relied on take-aways more and more.
5) he works away a lot, and when he's gone and I'm home alone, I have the perfect 'reason' to binge-eat without being caught.

In the 18 months we've been together, I've gone from 10st 11lbs to 15st 2lbs. And am furious with myself for doing so.
But, I've been complacent because I've found a man who loves me unconditionally, and doesn't give a fig what dress size I wear so I've given into my gluttonous urges and let myself eat more than I should (I'm basically a greedy pig, given half a chance) and eat more junk than I know is good for me.


Busy busy busy!!
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I naturally prefer chocolate, cakes, puddings and could eat those and give up on main courses.

But my main reason is psychological in that when I'm unhappy I eat. Not an extra portion ... but a whole packet of biscuits, a whole bag of doughnuts, etc etc etc ....... I use to feel my life was s*** - so I rewarded myself with food ... and soon I ended up at 15stone. Dieted and lost 4stone - had a really c*** year last year - ate and put 2stone back on.

Portion size is not a problem when I am balanced - it's the extremes that i put myself through. I need to find another outlet for when I am upset, unhappy, stressed - and I'm working on that whilst I lose that 2stone now!


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I gained 3 stone after my Dad died, another 3 stone after my first baby was born with a disability and had to have 14 operations in the first year and another 3 stone for no good reason after my second was born. I love cooking, I love food, I eat far too much, quantity, quality and wine - Oh God I love wine. So i comfort eat and drink.

At the moment a big part of this diet for me is coming to terms with the fact that there is no going back to my old ways. No going back to a huge breakfast, fancy lunch and big dinner and bread and butter with everything. Instead the future holds, long walks in the mountains, salads and maybe another baby (wink wink)
Over Christmas I ate and didn't binge, enjoyed my food - but enjoyed feeling in control more. I have a list of things to do instead of comfort eating to deal with stressful events and guess what none of them mention the word chipper !!




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in a word... DIETING

I'd been on diets since I was a teenager, trying every new faddy thing on the market, losing some weight by depriving myself then losing the plot and eating twice as much as I ever did before and regaining it all and more...

over and again...


Maintainer, looking at your sig can I just say: good work! Wow!


My weight gain is due to self medicating - being treated like a doormat and so nurturing myself with food!
Still get treated like a doormat but now I dump the people who mistreat me and spend time with people who respect me!
Bit of a billy no mates now!


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G: 12st0lb
Well mine started with having the kids, then I ate for comfort when mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, food was definately my comforter.
Then when mum died it was worse. I loved crisps, cheese, fish n chips, kormas and of course chocolate till it came out my ears.


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Hmm, putting on a stone AFTER each baby (GOT 4), being very ill with lung problems and spending 10 years+ on high dose steriods. The never ending ability to use food to; celebrate/commiserate/relieve boredom. Never missing an opportunity to enjoy a nice glass of wine before/after/during dinner.
A love of going out to eat - chinese, thai, indian, italian, french, american etc... you choose!

Yeah, what got me fat, just all of the above really!

Love Barbxx


Dreaming of being slim!
Come to think of it and reading all the replies-mine is a comforter.
I had so many children, so quickly(5 by the time I was 23) that I feel I missed out on everything I should be doing. Like drinking till 6am, partying with mates, buying dodgy clothes etc
Ready now to get my life back on track!