What made you do this? POLL


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What was the moment where you clicked and realised you were unhappy and were going to tackle your weight once and for all?

Mine was moving out of my student house last year, we were taking pictures that appeared on facebook the next day and I looked horrific. The photo itself is in my photo album now. I decided that I had one of those rare opportunities to make a big difference over summer and go back and wow people :) I did and I still am almost 7 stone later
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7 stone :eek: wow! Amazing, well done.

I've battled this for 10+ years. Tried weight watchers, slimming world, slimfast, protein shakes and many more. Then I found Atkins. God bless you Atkins!


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Well done on your loss! :eek:
I started doing Atkins after messing about on weight watchers. (10 yrs wasted!)
I started having health problems and developed plantar fasciitis, foot problems from being over weight. I knew if I didnt do something now then I would be in serious trouble. With help from hubby and his dietician mate (rare for a dietician to agree with Atkins!) I found Atkins and I am so glad I did!! :)


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My moment was photo's too. I still hate having my photo taken. I only have 2 on facebook, both over a year old. Can't wait to put up a new one when i'm all skinny.


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camera's have a lot to answer for!

went to 2 weddings last summer, the pics were like a horror movie. had been really struggling for a while to find something that worked for me, someone at work (and ironically my ex husband) had started to lose on atkins, encouraged me to try.....and the rest as they say is history!


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Vanity, mostly.

I went down to collect the post one day and walked past one of the most amazingly pretty girls I've ever seen - she didn't even notice I was there! At the same time I caught sight of my profile in the lobby mirror - I just looked like a chubby mess! If I was her I probably wouldn't have paid me any attention either!

I've been single for a couple of years and am no longer a spring chicken (I'm 29 - when did that happen!) so figured that at the very least I must need to smarten myself up a bit!

4 months later I'm still single but happier in myself. :)


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I just felt so rubbish around new year after a complete blow out over christmas. I thought it cant be necessary to feel this bad, so started looking.

I have been succesfully avoiding "diets" for years as i know they dont work but getting more worried about my health as bp is very borderline. Although i have never lost baby weight from DD, i was okish as snuggly mummy. The huge damage got done last year when whole family got stuck for an extra week in the caribbean due to the ash cloud; i know, i know - sounds great except on wallet and weight! I think i put on an extra 5kg that then never shifted. There comes a point where moving it all around is just sooo tiring.

I upped my exercise to help - and that just added to my feeling that i was always starving!

So here i am, with a change in what i eat (diet) and hoping to slowly and steadily get back to feeling fit and healthy. Frankly even where i am now - i cant believe how unhungry, good and energetic i feel. Yeah for atkins!


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It was photos for me as well. My friends wedding photos to be exact. Id thought I looked pretty good that day and when I saw the pictures I nearly died at how huge I looked so decided it was time for things to change. And boy have they changed. I love getting my picture takennow and randomly post pictures of me everywhere, lol. Not to mention that I show random people my fat pictures all the time coz Im so proud of the difference now.


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I can beat a couple of years Michael :p I just haven't bothered looking for a girl for the last 4-5. I'm sure you'll find someone soon though ;)


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My daughter! I started putting on weight working nights,I always hated the weight gain and felt ashamed of it, avoided pics etc, then after Isobelle was born I put on the baby weight.then she started toddling and I didn't realise how out of shape I was. Was so ashamed that i could get out of breath just playing with my baby girl.


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Cheers dude. Ditto - at the rate you're losing, you'll soon be needing a baseball bat to fend the ladies off! :D


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Actually, mine was partly also because of my single status. I had a thing with my housemate last year, who also happens to be my best friend and this "thing" is still ongoing, and we kept it quiet because we were sharing a house. I overheard all his mates talking about us and one of them said "I'd keep it quiet if I was banging her aswell, size of it" That made me just think, I'll show you. And I did :) This "friend" now hasn't stopped complimenting me and eyeing me up since I lost weight


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I started my job 22 years ago at 8.5 stone. I was one of the new girls - young skinny and I never thought Id be any different.
22 Years of irregular hours, long hours, working through the night, odd foods at odd times of day, too much alcohol and every other bad habit you can think of and I am now one of the old chubbies who looks at the new young girls and wonders if I was ever like that?
I dont want to be 8.5 stone again just the same as i dont want the dodgy blonde frosted highlights i had back then lol - but I would like to get my energy back and to be able to tell people what I do without them looking at me and thinking to themselves ' yeah in your dreams love'
I have tried every diet under the sun but my trigger for getting back into atkins is that I am back together with the love of my life after ten years apart - - and I want us to have many years so I need to get fit and healthy and even more so i want him to be able to put his hand on my belly when we go to sleep without me having to reach down and move it away out of shame


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I'd been thinking about it for a while - was unhappy with some pics (see my before one in my album) and was jealous of a friend that was losing. Saw the dukan book in waterstones, found the forum here and took the plunge.
After Xmas motivation low and progress slowing made the switch to more general atkinsesq lowcarb.