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Oh dear!! I'm pregnant


Starting over
S: 30st0lb C: 23st3lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 48 Loss: 6st11lb(22.62%)
I love kids. I've got two :) my eldest has just turned 14yrs old. I've got pcos and after I'd had him I was told I was unlikely to have more. I gained 5st with him and was very unhappy with my weight. It spiraled right up from 14st (pre son) to 20st by the time I got pregnant again a full 10 years later. Over the moon with my little girl, but devastated with my 4st gain I started SW last year. Now almost 4yrs later and 3st lighter I'm pregnant again. We haven't used protection for 4yrs and I've not got pregnant before, so what changed... The answer, I booked a 2wk holiday to Florida, that's what changed, there's nothing like hoping you don't get pregnant to ensure that you do, seriously what are the chances????
So now I'm 21.10 and pregnant, and i fear that I'm going to gain 4-5st again putting me right back where I was 3 years ago :-(
Last time I was pregnant the whole experience was miserable. The first time I was pregnant I had people patting my belly, asking me when I was due etc. The second time no one noticed, I was already fat so I guess people didn't want to be rude. I took to wearing bump t-shirts so people knew I wasn't just extra fat, but I felt drained, miserable, suffered with indigestion and I slept 22hrs a day, I was over a stone lighter than I am now. Luckily I never got gestational diabetes, but the doctors and midwives were sure to point out how at risk I was and baby was from this and that because I was overweight. I even got an appointment at the hospital, which when I turned up I immediately realised was a fat pregnant woman meeting to tell us all in a group that we were fat and suggest c-sections or those big needles in the spine because we were all at risk from oversized babies cos we eat too much etc etc
Needless to say, I love kids, but I HATE HATE HATE being pregnant.
And now I have to contend with being 14-15 wks pregnant and hiking across Orlando for 2wks.
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Starting over
S: 30st0lb C: 23st3lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 48 Loss: 6st11lb(22.62%)
OK so far in my pregnancy......
I took a test last Friday and it was negative so I thought all was well despite being a few weeks late for star week. I started getting stomach cramps and assumed star week was on its way, then the stomach cramps left and star week still wasn't here, I took another test and this one was positive, I'm about 8wks. I've made an appointment with my midwife for two weeks time so they can check kidney beans heartbeat and book me in for my first scan.

Today I broke out all the slightly tight jeans shorts I bought for my holiday (thinking id loose a bit more weight before then) and decided to wear them, they prob won't fit me by my holiday anyway *sigh*, maybe if I stretch them out a bit now before the hols they will fit ?!?!!

I haven't told my mum I'm pregnant yet, she's got a weekend break coming up and I'm dog sitting for her many many dogs and I don't want her cancelling her plans because she's worried I can't cope. I'll tell her when she gets back.


Starting over
S: 30st0lb C: 23st3lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 48 Loss: 6st11lb(22.62%)
8wks 5days & 21.12
Morning sickness has kicked in and I'm a bit nauseous, but have managed to keep my food down so far. Kidney bean is now the size of a wild strawberry (according to my pregnancy app) but I feel bloated and swollen already. Trying not to get my 3yr old to bounce all over my stomach has been difficult and telling her to not squish the kidney bean is just confusing her. Although she prophesized 2 kidney beans, a red one that's a girl and a white one that's a boy. I hope she's wrong.
Been 100% on plan so far, but gained 2lb, bit gutted but gaining is inevitable, going to continue to try to be 100% and throw in some exercise for good measure.


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COngratulations! I know I let the weight creep (or just jump) on when pregnant but there are inspirational people who may help you- could your doc recommend a dietitian to help? When is Orlando- I feel for ya! Hope it is a wonderful holiday regardless!


Starting over
S: 30st0lb C: 23st3lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 48 Loss: 6st11lb(22.62%)
9wks 5 days. 21.13lb

Its just over 3wks until my hols, so I won't be too big, I'll be 13wks on the day we leave and 15wks 1 on the day we return.
Got my first craving yesterday for a ham and cucumber sandwich, it could have been worse I guess :)


Starting over
S: 30st0lb C: 23st3lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 48 Loss: 6st11lb(22.62%)
11 wks 1 day and 21.12
Was doing really well on the healthy eating side of things until the last few days where I have just let myself go :-( a whole pack of bagels in two days and icecream *sigh*
I follow my plan really well until 8pm, then it all goes out the window. Need something that tastes fattening but isn't. Might get some meringue nests and strawberries mmmm m
Got my first scan booked for the day before my holiday..... Exciting


Starting over
S: 30st0lb C: 23st3lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 48 Loss: 6st11lb(22.62%)
11wks 4 days and 21.12
First morning of vomiting. Ate a big piece of chocolate cake last night and was dreaming about croissants smothered in butter.....
Thinking about names for baby now. My OH likes Caroline, Muriel and Sybil. I don't like any of them. He's already forcing me to name it Darren if its a boy.... Its my choice if its a girl, which I've decided it will be!!! I like Isla, Hazel and Morgan


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Congratulations and best wishes Jhsax!


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