What made you feel good today?


Want to be a yummy mummy!
What made you feel good today? Have you lost weight and the scales now say single figures instead of double? Have you finally got into that item of clothing that you tried for weeks to do up *the image laying on bed coathanger in jeans zip comes to mind!* and you finally glide into? Or did someone at home/work comment on "something looks different"?

For me, I am wearing a size 12 skirt, and my stomach is really flat.

Also - I saw in Heat, the articles "stars fatten up" and i thought hmm actually for once i am slimmer than some of them!!! Weird i know, but im sure we all have different things that make us feel good.

Also - someone commented yesterday after staring at me, "have you cut your hair?" Made me laugh, i just said no.

Any other feel good things that have happened today?

I was 11/11 on the scales this morning. Double Legs 11 my favourite number!

Set me up for the day!

Dizzy x
For me it was a toffee crisp and a packet of steak Roysters,
Why do i do it, i wish i knew, i am only about a stone and a half from target, but right now i cant get any motivation or inclination to carry on even though i have dropped 4 trouser sizes and can just go into shops and buy off the peg things.
I must be mad, i have had loads of nice comments from friends etc, that should be all the encouragement i would need, but it dont seem to register in the old grey matter.
Hrm....today what has made me happy so far is being cuddled ans kissed by boyfriend. I only see him once a week since he had to move for work *sob sob*!!! he is my Monday night/Tuesday morning pick me up!:D
Well for me it was having an extra long lie as Im not in uni til 4 today so I get to slob about for a while :p
Putting my work clothes on this morning and realising quite how ridiculous I now look in them - they look like clown's clothes (they are my old ones but there's no point in replacing them as new job soon I don't need office clothes for).

Also, knowing that I'm going to cook for my boyfriend's mother's birthday tonight and I can join in as I'm doing chicken and asparagus (just no pesto, cheese, bacon, potatoes, cake or wine for me - actually that makes me feel a bit deprived now I've written it like that!!).
My wonderful partner (of 8 months) who has told me he'll pick up my son on Thursday from after-school club, take him for his dinner at the local Noodle House and then take him to his photography club with him as they need a model as the topic is portraits - all so I can go to my son's parents evening with his father (my ex) without worrying....

After 3 years on my own and having met some horrible ones, it's fab to find a lovely one.... (man that is..)


just having comments such as ..'you've lost weight!'

Another thing that made my day was watching my 9 year old go around to local shops this evening and politely and confidently asking them if they would like to advertise in the school newspaper. He kept his cool and answered all the questions really well. The reaction of the shop owners and assistants was also really nice and I felt very proud!

Dizzy x
Having some great comments about how much weight I've lost, and how fab I look!

And for yesterday - a girl at work waiting till everyone was away for lunch, coming up to me and asking me - Look, you've lost so much weight, I need to know, whats the secret!

All the weight so far has taken 6 weeks, but all the inches seem to have shown themselves in the last fortnight!
Someone at University said to me today, 'You are such an inspiration: you're just like those women in the magazines who have lost loads of weight - but you're real.' Bless her!!

Oh - and I tried a size 18 top on in my favourite charity shop and it drowned me ... shame - it was lovely! ;)
Being told my work was excellent.
Eating only a couple of chocolates and not a whole box (not being known for my self-control).
A stranger holding a door open when my arms were laden.
My daughter saying "Love you" before she went to sleep.
Getting on the scales this morning and finding i'm 13lbs lighter than i was last week!!!! Cooking dinner tonight and not even wanting a taste.
Lots of people who hadn't seen me for a month exclaiming at how much weight I'd lost.
One of them saying "we were worried about this diet but you look all healthy and glowing".
Trying on a size 14 jumper and jeans in Next that fit! (though didn't buy them).
Being 11 12 and a half on the scales this morning.
Getting an email from a blokeI had an interesting encounter with last week.
My lovely caramel bar!
Someone saying that yesterday I was like a magnet that people were attracted to because of my newfound confidence.
Getting a text from a man I used to love- and being the one with the power and in control!

(I love this thread, been thinking of starting one similar as so many good weight things seem to happen every day)