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What made you realise you needed to lose weight?


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I have just been thinking what finally made me decide that I had to lose weight and for me the the real indicator was that I was buying bigger and bigger size clothes. When I looked in the mirror I didn't see the real me, it was like my brain was telling me I looked OK, yes overweight but not as bad as I look when I see a photo of me or when I look down at my tummy and that looks like I am pregnant!

Also I think the final straw was when hubby put my jeans on by mistake and as he pulled them up I said hey, they are mine! I nearly died when he said "Oh, I thought they felt quite loose" He didn't realise what he said actually really hurt and I never said anything to him because I was too embarassed. :eek: Don't get me wrong he is great and treats me like an angel, but when he made that comment, to him, it was nothing more than an observation.

Has anybody else got a defining moment when they realised the time had come to do something about their weight?
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Suzy, like you there were many little things that I was getting fed up of but I had a striking moment at Christmas this year when I saw my cousin.

We're three cousins of all the same age and we were always quite big girls and tried countless diets together and always made excuses for our weights. I hadn't seen one of them in four months and she showed up at Christmas and she was just absolutely tiny and I was green with envy. She probably wears size 8 now and used to wear 16 probably. Everyone complimented her and she was wearing lovely clothes and was with her cute boyfriend and what not. I on the other hand was bigger than last year, single and nobody paid quite as much attention to me than her, even if I had been abroad for months.

It's superficial I know but I just realised that if she could do it, I could too. So I decided that I would do it too and right this time.
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Aww I don't really have a turning point as such, but like Suzy was fed up of buying bigger and bigger sizes and when my size 18 jeans were getting too tight (and not all 18's fitting at all) I knew I couldn't let myself get any bigger. I started off doing all the usual resolutions "I'll eat healthier after christmas", "I'll lose weight for new year" etc. but didn't think I would actually be able to lose anything.
On new years day I just got up feeling randomly motivated and decided to start there and then. I had been thinking what I will be doing after Graduation and realised I don't want to look like I do on my graduation pictures. Maybe that's my turning point :)
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I had been about a stone overweight for years but it was never enough to make me do something about it. I then had a very bad accident in 1996 and was in bed for months. I ate normal meals and all the chocs etc that people bought me and thought nothing of it.

When I had to go for a hospital visit, hubby said the day before I had better practice getting up and dressed coz it was a big ordeal for me.

We then went through the entire contents of my wardrobe and could get nothing on me at all. Skirts and dresses were getting stuck trying to get them over my shoulders or pulling them upwards would hardly go past my knees.

Until then, I didn't even know I'd put any weight on. Hubby went out and proudly came back to show me what he'd bought for me. He'd gone to the sports shop and got the biggest pair of jogging pants he could (I filled them but they were about a foot too long) and the biggest zipped hoodie (this fit me but was long enough to cover my bum).

He was very proud of what he'd got coz they'd be easy for be to get on (I had a severely broken heel). I could have cried when I saw them, and I wore those same things all the time until I could get to a slimming club every week. I still cringe when I think of them now.

What started me on my weight loss journey, was I couldnt get into any of my clothes and those were unfashionable, my back was very sore all the time due to my weight. I am tired of people staring at me (I might be over weight but I am a freak). I want to get healther, and just to be normal looking.


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I moved away from family and friends in 2008 and last year my nanna had her 70th birthday party.
My Step-Dad took professional photos of us all and then family pics. I didnt see them until xmas just gone. I knew I had put alot of weight on but I just seemed to push it to the back of my mind and at the time I was in a bad relationship.
Well I had such a big wake up call when I looked at the pictures I felt so ashamed that I had let myself get this way. My Nanna was proudly showing the photos off to all our family but I just wanted to hide the album and the awful photos of me!!

I then went home and found this website and joined in the new year. That photo is imprinted on my brain and spurs me on each day. I no longer sit at home and think hummm what can I stuff my face with now?? I get in from work and have a reasonable meal and if I really fancy that bit of chocolate I have it but in moderation and not everyday. I use my new wii fit / just dance game to help shift the weight too.

I dont see this as a diet but as a change in me completley and I feel alot better for it. Plus this site is really keeping me focused too!! So thanks for the encouregment!!! :)


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Why do photos have such a big impact on us? When I dress up to go out I can look in the mirror and feel quite good about myself until somebody posts a photo on FB and I think did I really look that fat?

Fantastic weight loss Calamity, you are doing great!

Tracey have you still got the trackie? Did you ever tell him what you really thought of it?
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No, I haven't still got the trackie and I never told him what I really thought of it. It wasn't really the trackie that was the problem it was the size of me that was the problem. He just went out and got something that I could put on and get to the hospital.

I did enjoy wizzing it though.

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Photos are like proof that you don't look like you want to I think.
I guess the same could be said about your tracksuit tarotwoman.
Reality is nice and easy to ignore unless it's saved in a photo/clothes forever!
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Yep, you're right sugar_fiend. That's why photos belonging to other people are the worst, they can show them when and where they want to and you have no control over it. Photos in your own possession (and the trackie) aren't as bad because you can destroy them when you want and if you destroy them because they no longer fit or in the case of photos you are no longer that person it's so much more satisfying to get rid of them.



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Don't know if I could destroy photos but I certainly want to be in control of them. If I want to leave them at the back of the cupboard that is my choice not to show them.

The clothes though I am looking forward to getting rid off.
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I could never destroy photos at one time, but after my accident when I was at my heaviest (I think about 14 stone) a kind relative came round and took a photo of me sitting in an armchair (I filled it) and my crutches were leant against it.

Apart from the weight and the very large trackie baggie round my ankles. I had not had a haircut in months and had about 3 inches of roots showing. I said I didn't want my photo taking but it was taken anyway.

Fortunately for me, the kind relative gave me the photo (she thought I might like it). That photo upset me for months even though I ripped it up and threw it away. After that, I've never worried about ripping photos up, if they don't suit away they go.


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
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Who would ever want to have their photo taken when they're in that sort of state/situation? 'Kind' relative you say? I'm not sure, sounds horrible to me. Nobody wants to be reminded of bad times like that.
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There is definitely something difficult about damaging photos isnt there? Even when you hate them.
Hopefully it will be satisfying to be able to when I don't look like that anymore.

Tarotwoman - at least the "kind" relative gave you the photo - so it's not still hanging around now!


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Despite all sorts of reasons to lose weight and various attempts, it's been half hearted because my mind is in such a lousy place. Because of the agoraphobia, it's easy for me to just hide but the "kick up the backside" came from a nasty little troll in the form of a student doctor. My regular doc was on holiday so I had to see this guy for a repeat prescription of my pill and he proceeded quite offensively to lecture me on my size, insisting I was weighed then refused to give me my pill on the grounds I was "so obese". He even said that my BDD condition should be the last thing I should be worrying about. I left in tears. How could a doctor say such things? I felt so low and humilated but mainly ashamed as I believed him. My mother upon hearing what happened insisted I told my regular doctor which I did who was stunned and said that the pill I was on, while being on the pill was risky for overweight ladies, was one that carried a lesser risk hence why I was on it. The student doctor was never seen again. Probably not just because of my complaint but something must have been happening for them to lose him so fast.

The thing is while it really hurt and I know it was the result of a man who had no bedside manner and a jar of ignorance, it shook me up enough so I did not want to ever go through that awful experience again with anyone. It gave me the major kick up the bum I needed to get focused.
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Aww Kookiedoh sorry to hear that! I get that lecture most times I go to the doctors - some are definitely nastier about it than others! (And the pill I'm on is fine as far as pills go - they all seem to want me to have the injection/implant for some reason) I just refuse to go back to the nasty ones!
Well done for making a complaint and if it's given you the motivation you needed, then it's not all totally bad.

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
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That sucks KookieDoh, but I find that often the harshest things-the ones we don't want to hear-are sometimes what we actually needed to hear. And coming from a complete stranger is shocking enough.

As bad as that was, at least it was some sort of motivation for you so forget about that awful and rude doctor and hope that nothing like that won't ever happen again.
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my ex told me he didnt fancy me anymore and i was miserable. that simple :/

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