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What makes your weekly class enjoyable?


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My class is really warm, funny and supportive. The consultant is so enthusiastic, positive and non-judgmental - she really sets the tone of the class. The people that go are also really friendly, self-deprecating and funny. It's almost more like weekly entertainment than a slimming class - I look forward to going and want to do well. If someone has a gain then she just says xxx has come in tonight x stones and y pounds lighter then asks how their week has been - it's up to them to say if they have gained or not. I'm even going to miss going on my holidays - how sad is that lol
Completely agree - it is my hugely motivational and non-judgemental consulatant, as well as the other members, that make class so enjoyable.

Half of the time we forget why we are there - and class seems to turn into 'confession'!

C tends to say "Joe Bloggs has been at class for X number of weeks and has a total weight loss of X stones Y pounds - it is then up to you whether you divulge on this or not. (Most of the time I find that members do - we have a really friendly and encouraging group and feel comfortable enough to know that we are not going to be judged).

At class tonight and really looking forward to it. C usually has little games for us to play, as a way of keeping us interested and motivated. Also hoping for a good loss this week - that helps to make class that little bit more enjoyable! :)
I really enjoy my class and most of the members are great apart from the odd few who insist on arguing with the consultant which takes up time.

My consultant is fantastic and I love going to her class, she doesn't use the PDA as there are loads of members and many don't stay so it takes up time going round asking who is here etc.

She just goes round the class and asks how you got on, it's up to you then to say I lost or gained and you can say how much but you don't have to.

I've been to a class before where they announced the gains and I just thought it was cruel.
I've only been to 2 classes so far as I'm new. So far, when my consultant comes to someone who has had a gain, she says in a lighthearted tone something like "you've lost xxx so far, little gain this week, what happened?". She doesn't say the amount and it is very much done in a helpful way, not a telling off. I like that she doesn't judge anyone or tick them off if they admit they just had a rotten week and couldn't stick to the plan. Last week, there was a lady who is only 2lb's off target and she admitted that she just couldn't seem to find the motivation or focus to stick to the plan and get it shifted. My consultant was really encouraging and stressed how well she had done so far and that she is so close and knows how to do it. I enjoy the classes, although I am very shy and have so far not really spoken to anyone. But I'm there for myself, and that makes me feel good :)
Our groups the kinda group where were all friends we all tend to know how everyones done before image therapy lol.
our c tends to say oh we've had a little gain this week what happened then we tend to say what it was lol

I love class I love the people who go I've been going for a long while now! And it's lovely bc everyone knows me and I know them so when we have gains we can usually understand why how etc

But the group I go to isn't my local I have one at the end of my road but can't face leaving bc I love them too much lol xx
I love our group, our C never goes round the class asking how we've done. What she does is say as a group we've lost x amount & gain y amount.

She talks about allsorts of things to do with SW, food, holidays, targets, lots of different things. We are all welcome to comment & many do, it's more like a social event, than a slimming group:D

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