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What night is your RTM class?

Hi guys, just wondering what night you are attending LL now we're graduates in Foundation and Developers?

My night has moved from a Monday to a Thursday and I have to admit I've got that anxiety thinking about with eating food, have I put on weight. I know it's totally irrational, but natural I guess. So it's a little bit longer until my first weigh-in being back on the food type stuff!

I've also decided that I gave myself that "time" for ME and my weight so rather than just being a lazy boot, I have enrolled into a Monday night aqua fit in a bid to get my fitness up and keep the weight off. Seems like a sensible swap to me. How about yourselves? Do you have something planned for your old night? xx
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Hi K

Mine stayed on Mondays - just later in the evening.

I have found the week to be easy, in the sense that because of all the trouble I've had physically, my mind is so occupied with that, and the sickness from the meds - well - food really, believe it or not is the last thing I want. Is also quite painful to swallow at the moment. Next week will be a better test.


well doneon swiming. I joined the gym/pool a little while back, I enjoy it - but need to go more then I have. I just can't at the moment obviously. But I love water.


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Mine has stayed on Tuesdays, just a bit later :) I've kept an eye on my weight every few days as my home scales are in line with the LL scales and I appear to have lost a couple of lbs so I must have been doing something right!! Still scared though cos portion sizes terrify me!
Hiya ladies! I'm so gutted for you BL that it's been such a hard week :( Thing is with you, is you're so incredibly positive even when things are hard so I know you'll be seeing the half full glass as opposed to the half empty! I hope you really are on the road to feeling much better xxxx How was your weigh in tonight?
Bex - I'm the same as you, I'm so worried about the portion sizes and am really enjoying the simple foods in life but it's hard to listen to the hunger signals and I'm trying to measure the portions as much as possible to keep a good eye on it. So let me know how you get on also, although that said, your scales sound positive!

I have been going to the gym and swimming for the past few weeks. Doing loads of walking with my lovely neighbour who has been in the same LL class as me too. It's kept me really focussed! But I just thought it might be useful to use that slot in my life since it's booked already. I can't begin to describe how worried I am that i've put on weight, I'm really anxious about waiting until Thursday to check I haven't put on!!

PS: I went for my new uniform today for work. The lady in the sewing room was so excited at how I looked she dragged me to the bathroom to the mirror and it hit me when I saw my reflection how well I've done. Although I've felt really fab just lately, I looked TINY!! And in comparision to the tent I had to give back, it made me tearful! Just had to share that cos I've been buzzing about it all day! xxx


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That's fantastic Kaalin... you've done amazingly!! Be proud and enjoy it!!
I had a really successful weigh in. I lost 3lbs so I guess I'm doing something right!!! It helped ease my mind a little but still not gonna be complacent!! I am loving sugar-free jelly though!!! :eek:
That's brilliant Bex, well done! I just want to get Thursday over with now to be sure it's all ok. Trying to not expect much as even if I'd stuck to the foodpacks, after such good losses for a number of weeks it probably would have slowed this week anyway!

I know what you mean about the sugar free jelly, also loving a bit of cucumber! Next week is the best though!! :D xx
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Oh - next week - APPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! FRUIT!!!!!!

:bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss:

Well done on your loss Bex! THats fantastic!! ANd Kaalin can't wait to hear yours. I was dissappointed with mine - not because I was up a couple of pounds, but because I did not get a true reading on how I did during the week.

am not worried about the gain at all as I had been constipated all week - a result of pain meds - and hadn't , erm, well - you know ;) - for about 5 days....so I knew that would show on the scales.
Really trying to get *that* sorted out, and its better. I hope by Monday, I am regular again, and will get a truer reaidng.

I must admit - I am not counting calories, or weighing anyting - I am trying to be sensible about it....and try to do it 'naturally', as from previous diets - I really hated and resented having to weigh/measure/document, etc., and I usually did a poor job of it as a result. So - will try for a week or two and see how I get on. If it goes wobbly, then I will succumb.

I feel a little let down, in our RTM group there was NO instruction given at all by the llc, or advice, or anything on transitioning to eating. No reccomendations to count calores - or how to add calories per week, etc. We just get the book and off we go.

I have not read the entire book yet - but find it a bit confusing too.

But I know I am not over doing it, if anything, been under doing it for feeling lousy.

Well - enough waffle - roll on next Monday so we can see!!!

Good luck tomorrow Kaalin and well done you BEx! :) :)


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Hi BL,
I think you are quite right in doing it by feel for now. I think I am just alittle paranoid hence me calorie counting. Or its that control freak in me.

Oh and wait for those berries, I think I was in heaven that week. natural yogurt with strawberries or blueberries. Still my favourite breakfast.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Oh stop stop stop!!! Berries and yogurt!!!! :bliss: <runs around wildly pulling hair and jumping for glee> :bliss:

<pulls self together> ahem.

Yes, Tange, that does sound simply marvelous. :D

I don;t think its a control freak thing Tange, I think its very sensible. I just know myself, and from previous experience - If I start to get resentful, it can cause inner struggles which I hope, and think I will, avoid. But - I want to be careful and accurate too - so will only be so free-minded if it proves to work for me, which I should know in 2 or 3 weeks.

THanks hon.
I'm sorry for your gain BL, especially with it not being a truly accurate representation of your week. From the sounds of it, you do sound far more successful than I as I am struggling to know when to stop. I do share your disappointment. I probably started my RTM at the wrong time...my LLC is away although that said, she never even told us! The locum is a friend of hers, who is very good but she's still not my LLC. I suppose I will see how it goes tomorrow and on my LLCs return.

I must admit, I feel the same as you BL. I have in the past, been completely obsessional over points/calories/fat units etc and it made me miserable. I would rather avoid counting at all costs, but do not rule out returning to the WW points system should it go wrong! I have a weight I don't want to exceed again but whatever will be will be. That said Tange, I can COMPLETELY understand why you are being careful!

I went to see my doctor yesterday to look at the skin on my tummy. I must admit it has improved since the weight loss but there is still an exceptional amount of loose skin. As I've lived with it for the last 7 years, I had grown to think it was not that bad but thought, 'nothing ventured nothing gained'! So he asked me, "how bad are we talking?". I only lifted my top slightly and he said "oh yes, that's not right" I showed him the whole thing and he said "I think you have a very good case, you should not have that at your age and you should not have skin hanging over your caesarian scar like that". So he is going to put me forward, but the overall decision is dependant on the consultant. I felt a bit emotional actually, it was like he was confirming how bad it was and as I'd got used to it! Anyway, we'll see...


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I think we are all feeling a little strange about RTM, it is a bit daunting and they really don't tell you how much etc but I'm not doing the calorie counting thing because I want to learn to know what I can eat and the scales will soon tell me if I am getting it wrong!!!
I have also seen the doctor about my lose skin as after over a 12 stone loss there is much there!!! She has referred me and thinks I have a good case but can't promise anything so we'll see!! Fingers crossed all round me thinks!!!

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