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What plan on hols?


Restart 3/9/2013
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I am off on hols on 27th of this month. Was originally planning to SS throughout, then decided that wasnt going to happen so thought I would do 810.

My concern is that I plan to be really active on holiday - swimming daily, long walks, trips to the beach, all on top of running round after a 1 year old. I am worried that 810 just isnt going to give me enough energy to do all that!!!! would I be better off going for an even higher plan?

I dont want to come off plan all together as I am determind to lose while I am away, but I dont want to make myself ill with exhaustion either!!!!

I am going on self catering hols to france so easy enough food wise. However after eating like a mad thing on thursday night and making myself really ill, I want to stick to plan to keep my fat intake down as dont want another attack of gall stones while i am away!!!!
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You could do SS+ if you are worried about the energy levels. I exercise quite a bit and find that SS didnt give me enough but SS+ is fine. I would advise sticking to the plan as much as possible. If you are Self Catering its not like you have paid for the food to be included so it would still make financial sense to SS. You need to ask yourself whether you really believe you wont have enough energy on SS or whether that is just an 'excuse' to eat again... not trying to be mean but I have been there- talking myself into a reason as to why I shouldn't SS, and it only led to me not being able to get back onto it afterwards and putting weight back on.

It has to be your decision, these are just my thoughts x


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Holidays are always a tough one.

When I was on SS last year I chose to stick with the plan for my two week holiday in Scotland - it was an active holiday with most days spent walking for at least 5-6 hours. Generally I did not find my energy levels a problem. On a few days I felt a little bit more tired than usual and found that an extra shake helped address this. The key thing for me was making sure I stayed hydrated. To reward my good behaviour I came home more than 1/2 a stone lighter than before I left :D.

To SS or not to SS............energy levels on the various cambridge steps are such a personal thing and vary greatly from person to person. If you are worried SS/810 are not going to leave you with enough energy to make the most of your holiday perhaps you could move up to the 810 the week before you go away. That way you could try to follow 810 on the holiday and if at any time you feel it is not working for you then you could step up to the 1000plan.

Whatever you choose have a lovely trip.


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I too am going away on 30th of July. I am going to visit husbands family in Italy for 4 weeks eek!!. Food wise it will be a nightmare but I plan to do 810 as well.I hope I can stick with it as this diet is really hard and I don't want to blow all the work I have done. I don't want to explain the diet to anyone there in my pigeon Italian so have them notice I am dieting...again.
The last time we went we ate lots of fruit and veg from the farm with grilled meats. I will have to avoid the homemade focaccia, pizza, ice cream etc.
My husbands mother is a fantastic cook and makes all her own pasta etc.
This time I will have my one year old daughter to run around after and can take her for walks in her stroller.
Holidays are tough because we feel we should be rewarding ourselves not depriving ourselves.
Have a great holiday and good luck with the plan.


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I admire you all greatly.....but i only get one holiday a year and i intend to enjoy it!!:D Saying that I have come up the plans over the last couple of weeks in preparation for my trip and am now maintaining my current weight. I am hoping to manage some kind of restraint when i am away as I am currently doing as i don't want to gain tons of weight - so there will be plenty of choices and challenges:rolleyes:. I have already made my next appointment with my CDC 2 days after my return as i want to rid myself of this last 1.5 stones. It will be difficult but I am determined to get there.:p


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You could do SS+ if you are worried about the energy levels. I exercise quite a bit and find that SS didnt give me enough but SS+ is fine.x
what kind of exercise do you do? at the min im on SS and prob will continue to do this for as long as i can bear, and if i have to have food then SS+. but when i have lost a bit more weight and its prob a bit easier to exercise, im wondering what people can manage on the VLCD

i have always wanted to be fit and able to do plenty of exercise

Thanks!! :D
I SS'd through a 2.5 week holiday in Turkey last year. Lots of walking, horse-riding, climbed through a gorge, swam extensively every day and ended up hiking up and down a mountain (though I did melodramatically tell my OH to leave me up there to die as I was exhausted - my fitness rather than low energy though!). If you must go up plan do so sensibly but be cautious as others have said - be careful this isn't a little voice telling you you can't SS as an excuse. It in no way detracted from my enjoyment (or my families') because I wasn't eating. The thing to remember is this is just one holiday - you can always go again when you are at goal otherwise there is always something coming up that you want to have a break for. I am not meaning to be harsh - it's of course your choice and I genuinely hope you have a great time whatever. Just also remember it is much harder to get back on after a break for the majority of people. Last year I ended up eating after a stupid planning error left me pack-less all day and have subsequently regained all 8 stone I lost because one day off became 8 months. Good luck whatever you decide.


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I'm off to Malaysia/Borneo/Hong Kong for 3 weeks in August and would like to take my packs with me, particularly a few tetras and bars for when we're out and about. I just wondered if anyone knew if there were any restrictions about taking them abroad? I can't find anything on the Foreign Office website about them, so does anyone have any advice please?
Hi Tinley,
I know this has been an issue for people before. When I went away I packed everything in the hold as we are still under fairly tight hand baggage restrictions. I didn't take tetras in the end because they would have made my bags so heavy! I did take bars and they survived the flight but were heavily squished! Best bet is possibly to ring the airline, mention it's a food product with milk in and see what they say. Probably wouldn't hurt to have a few booklets to hand if customs decide to get nosy either!


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Thought i'd give my thoughts on this....

Unfortunately some of us can't afford to go on more than one hol a year (wish i could!) I work hard all year and am not gonna sacrifice my enjoyment. Fair play to anyone who sticks with it through a holiday though - that takes some will power!

My plan is to eat healthy foods with as little carbs as possible while i am away and straight back to ss once i get back. If you reduce the carbs you eat it wont be as hard as the first time you started. I'm also gonna keep the water up and be as active as possible.

I think that if i tried to SS i'd feel deprived and end up cheating with unhealthy foods. If it's planned i know i can have certain healthy foods and will enjoy them.

There is plenty of time to lose the weight and one/two weeks off is not the end of the world as long as you are sensible and get back on the wagon once you get home.

The idea is to change the way you eat forever not to deprive yourself and then screw it all up afterwards by going crazy (Made that mistake last time!). I think that the planned break will help me to eat normally, but healthily and will help prepare me for the future.

Just my thoughts, obv everyone is different!


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i think thats a good idea.. i discussed this with my CDC. i wanted to take 4 days off the diet as i go to a festival end of the month. and i wont be going on holiday and have been looking forward to it all year. so we discussed low carb things and as i can actually take food to the festival, i will have a tetra brik when i get up as breakfast, as i couldnt think of anything no carb i would want... and then have things like chicken i had brought and pre cooked with me, so that i am enjoying myself. i will be coming out of ketosis for it, but seeing as i love this diet so much, and altho the first couple of days were a little hard, i think i will be fine getting back into it. i think ill be on the 1000 plan for the 4 days or so which shouldnt do too much damage. esp as ill be getting lots of exercise in the form of dancing :D


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I think everyone has a different take on this and thats only natural, you have to do whats right for you.

I do pilates x1 a week, aquafit x1 or x2, gym x1 and a run x1 (thats an average week) plus any walking on top. For me I find even when I'm not doing exercise that I struggle on SS as I feel lightheaded and lacking of energy so SS+ is good for me exercise or not.

I had a couple of meals and 2 nights out this weekend (Butlins) which had been planned since I started CD only a week before but didnt want to wait to start. Ideally I wouldn't have had anything all weekend but realistically I, like you, wanted to enjoy myself. I limited the damage by having a lie in, so it was too late for brekkie, then eating my main meal at lunch so as to be full for the rest of the day and then not requiring dinner, and having only white spirits to drink. This was quite manageable and for the final day I made sure I was back on CD so by the time I got home I had already completed 1 full day of SS.

In the past when I have done CD and come off for a longer holiday (2 days was manageable), I have beem unable to get back to it, and know many people who have had the same problem. So you need to decide, is it worth the risk of never managing to get back on the wagon, and are you strong enough?

The person who is working up the plans for their holiday- I think this is very sensible and the best way to do it (imo) and is what I will be doing if I have not reached goal by my holiday in September.

Its got to be your decision hun xx
What a coincidence I am going to France but on the 26th July and going self catering, where are you staying.

Anyway back to the diet. I am ss at the moment but with milk. On holiday I intend to SS but have a small salad meal in the evening. I suppose this could be 810 but Ive yet to look at the book to work it out. I feel Ive worked too hard at my diet to take 2 weeks off as I might put so much on. I would love to enjoy my hols and come home weighing the same, I think there will be lots more things on holiday to enjoy and the sun always makes you feel good.
Hope you have a great time


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Thanks Kerrie. I will definitely give the airline a call. Good idea about the booklets too!


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Hi Lorry, i will be staying in Finistere in Brittany. how about you?
We are going down to the west coast somewhere near La Rochelle, never been to that area before so not sure what to expect. Notice you are going self catering, we always do that in France. The food is so nice and fresh it makes eating salads and healthy food quite easy. Well that is if you ignore the bread and pastries which on this diet we must both do. I am currently writing down recipies which I can follow while I am away.

Hope you have a great time, you willhave such fun on the beach with your little one, and the weather is hopefully better than the downpour we are expecting today.



Restart 3/9/2013
S: 24st9lb C: 18st1lb G: 12st4lb BMI: 38.5 Loss: 6st8lb(26.67%)
I have ordered a couple of low carb cookbooks to get some ideas of stuff to eat. Just ideas of things to do with chicken breast etc!

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