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What shall I have done?

What shall I have done?

  • colonic

    Votes: 12 50.0%
  • body wrap

    Votes: 12 50.0%

  • Total voters
It was my birthday a month ago however i still have a bit of money left over, although i said i was going to save it and buy clothes when i reach target i have decided to treat myself to either a colonic or a universal body contour wrap. i have just bought a dress i have been wanting for ages from warehouse because it was in the sale (£60 down to £40) and the zip will not go all the way to the top so im thinking maybe the wrap will pull me in and get the dress on otherwise maybe the colonic will boost my weight loss and metabolism and make me feel good on the inside so maybe i will feel less inclined to drink alcohol and eat crap. what does everyone think?:confused:
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monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
i always wondered about colonic, the idea of it frightens me but then they do say its good, however (and this is just my thoughts) if you have it then just go back to eating what you eat, is there anypoint? do you have to keep having them? cant you just get some pully in underwere and pamper yourself with your spare money to a manicure or back massage or gym membership lol

if i had to choose for you i would go for the collonic as iv always wondered if it would work and what they 'actually' do , then you could tell me....see selfish reason really


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I voted for the wrap after what someone said about how easily a colonic can perforate your bowel. That just scares me!


Staff member
Body wrap!


Silver Member
go for the wrap - nothing can go wrong with that - unless the man of your dreams happens to see you at the salon looking like an egyptian mummy!
The only problem with the body wrap is that the inch loss results are only temporary otherwise it's nice and relaxing and moisturising.

I have been tempted to get a colonic because it is supp to help a sluggish metabolism and help people with low energy. As long as you research the place you are going first, then you should be ok



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A colonic only works if you eat ONLY good foods after or you will just end up in the same situation again. Really, they both only have temporary results
oh no the poll is 50/50 atm and im still 50/50 myself, i want to treat myself, dont have nails to manicure and my boyfriend is my hairdresser and also trained indian head masseuse so dont need to pay for hair and massages :p

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
seing as they are both only temporary i would have the wrap as its more of a treat relaxing mosturising etc etc rather than a pipe up your bum lol
well booked in for the wrap on 11th, wish me luck! hope it works lol

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