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What should I do? If anything?

We went to a party last night, & I was absolutely horrified by the positvely skeletal figure of the wife of the hosts! To the best of my knowledge, she hasnt been doing SW but has clearly lost an awful lot of weight, & frankly I feel, weight that she couldnt afford to lose! She had never even been what I would call plump! She was wearing a dress that had obviously been chosen to show off the extreme skinniness of her figure, & from a sideways view, her tummy was actually concave! I always thought that didnt happen unless you were lying down. Frankly, I am afraid for her. Should I say something? I wouldnt say I know her or her husband that well, they are more friends of MY husband, but none the less. What would you do?
I should point out here that I am not jealous! I have been at target for many months now, & I am supremely happy with my weight, size & figure, (as is my husband, but that is another story!) I am in a quandary though. Should I just say nothing & keep my nose out of what, really, isnt my business? Or casually mention to her that I am a bit concerned?
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"I am supremely happy with my weight, size & figure, (as is my husband"

...and perhaps she feels exactly the same? I know where you're coming from, but I think I'd be a bit p*ssed at someone I didn't really know taking it upon themselves to criticise my weight, especially, as mentioned above, there may well be good reason for it?

Nice of you to care though.
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I totally get what your saying, but then its no different from someone saying ' your looking a bit big, have you concidered a diet?' to someone they dont really know. Its just unfortunate that THIS perticular side of it happens a hell of alot more..

My mother REALLY need to pile on a few lbs. It makes me want to cry when i see her collarbones sticking out at me. She could be worse, but then you could say that with all people/circumstances.
- i tell her occasionally that i think she needs to make more of an effort to eat and have even taken her to the doc (who can you believe.. laughed at me! but just goes to show how the world very often only see's the other side of it)

but if i knew for one minute some woman she barley knew approached her at a party and commented on her weight, i would be livid..

i so get what your saying, its upsetting to see someone painfully thin.. just as it is to not feel the same when you see someone else who's weight affects them badly. . but unfortunatly its just not your place. Even if its only because you are concerned and care.

If shes THAT skinny, someone will have said somthing. xx

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I think I agree with the others Hun. If you dont know her that well, perhaps it could spark off a huge upset as like the others have said, she may be ill.
I think though the next time that you see her and if she has lost more weight, then I would probably ask then, but thats me!
There have been several topics on this forum where people have mentioned how upset they have been by comments made by people they hardly know about their weight. If this woman were a close friend of yours, then you might be right to say something. But she isn't, and you don't know anything about her health or her circumstances. And as you say yourself - it really isn't your business.


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I'd leave it alone too.
Firstly, if there is really a problem, I think her family and friends should be the ones to tell her.
Secondly, we all perceive things in a different light. What one thinks is skinny may not be skinny to someone else.
Perhaps she is happy the way she is!


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You wouldn't be thanked for getting involved with her weight loss issues as you are not a close friend, so I should leave well alone if I were you.

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