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What size will I be?

I would like some opinions on what size I will be if I lose 3 stone. I am currently 12 stone 9.5 lbs and have lost 8 lbs so started at 13 stone 3.5 lbs - at both weights and I know till I get to about 12 stone I will be in a 16. I haven't been 10 stone for years but when I was I remember being a 14 sometimes a 12 on top but never on the bottom. Do you think sizes have changed over the years and have got bigger i.e. will I maybe get into more of a size 12 now if I lose 3 stone in total?
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Depends on how tall you are and how lean (as if you carry more muscle you can be in smaller sizes but weigh more) At 10 stone I am a size 10 and I am 5 feet 5 inches tall...I am now under 10 stone (9 stone 8 pounds) and 10s are getting loose...but I've built up quite a bit of muscle mass over the last 7 months...
This may help:

Size ..8 ..10 ..12 .14 ..16
Bust .32" 34" 36" 38" 40"
..24" 26" 28" 30" 32"
.....35" 37" 39" 41" 43"
Though, it can vary. I have a 25.5" waist, but I can fit into a size eight sometimes.
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Thanks for your help everyone. I am 5' 7" and I have a smallish frame. I really struggle with sizing because I know people who are a lot heavier than me but are a size 16 also so I assume their frames are bigger? I also know people who weigh the same as me are the same height yet are in size 12 and also are no where near as wobbly and lardy as me...

I have small legs, ankles wrists, head, shoulders etc but carry all my weight on the 3 B's - boobs, bum and belly. I just wondered what other peoples opinions are on amount lost as another thing that I really ponder on is how some people can lose three stone and go down 3-4 dress sizes and others only seem to go down 1-2?
^The people who weigh the same as you may be more toned. My mom is a good 10lbs heavier than me, and not that much taller, but she is far more toned than I am so she appears smaller.

Dress sizes depend on fit and body shape, as well as where people lose/put on weight. If you hold a lot of weight on your hips/waist, you're most probably going to have to lose more weight than others when it comes to dress size.

At 13st I was a size 14-16, and it wasn't until I was 10st that I could fit into 12's. But after that, I was a size 10 at 9.7st and a size 8-10 at 9st.

So the more weight I lost, the quicker I dropped dress sizes. Clothes depend generally on your hips and waist. The more you lose weight, the more these become defined, meaning clothes fit better and it's easier to judge sizes.

S'what I've found, anyway. :)
I totally agree. Size is such a weird thing.

At 12st (5'2"), I was size 16. Now at 9st 10lb I am wearing size 10 trousers and 12 tops.

I wouldn't fret. Just take it as it comes and go to the shops with the generous sizes :D

LRO xx
it depends on hieght shape ect ect hmm so i cant say.
well im 11 1/2 sone and im in size 14.....can just get into a 12. i remember (back in the day) when I was 11stone and size 12 fitted me perfectly, I think id love to be able to fit into a size 10 tho another couple of stone to go tho. booo.
Thanks again all.

Em what height are you? At 11 1/2 stone I am very comfortable in a big 16 and a small 16 is just about right, no way could I be in a 14 - horses for courses I suppose!
Ummm not sure in feet but about 165(ish) centimetres i think.
I'm the same height and I dropped down to a 14 bottom, 12 top somewhere around 11st, so that seems about right to me.

It took me ages to drop a dress size, one thing I read on here that rang true is that pre-diet a lot of people are squeezing into sizes that don't fit or vanity sizes. That was true for me, I started wearing 'size 16' clothes but they either didn't fit or they were more like size 18 in reality.

I don't worry too much about sizes now. If it fits, I buy it, and I know I'm much smaller now because what fitted before I dieted absolutely swamps me now.
probem is clothes are different sizes no matter what they say on the tag!. Most of my clothes come from new look (i could have shares in that place) I have a size 14 pair of combat trousers which are now too baggy for me, but i cant get into a size 12 pair of combats yet, although I wore my size 12 jeans out at the wknd and they were fine.go figure. Im still a size 14 on top but thats due to my chest size, not my overall size, lol
Do you think that wishing for all sizes to be the same wherever you buy clothes is too much to hope for?

As for the weight/clothes size comparison... I think that, personally, the heavier/larger you are, then you get more dress sizes for your pound :p teehee

I started at 19st 11lbs and was a loose 26. Now I'm 18st 0lbs and I'm a 'very fitted' 18.. So that makes, 4 sizes for 24lbs, or a size per 6lbs. I had read somewhere, just as a rough guide, that a dress size is equivalent to 10lbs-ish. So, three stone would be a a loose 10 (obv body shape, where you put on weight, frame, height are all factors in this but it is just rough :))
its quite interesting really all this shapes and sizes thing. I was a well fitted size 18 when I was 15 stone, although I was in denial and mostly still trying to squeeze into 16s.lolol, I wish every 10lbs was a size for me, that means I would be down to a 10 now but im not. Boo. But i guess it also deends on where you lose the weight from. its true what Ive heard, the first place you put weight on is the last place you lose it, mine is my stomach. Would you believe Ive even lost weight around my fingers....my rings are looser. Id rather lose my weight elsewhere thanks very much.lol
I'm desperate to lose weight from my fingers, strange as that seems. I've always loved long slender fingers... mine are still like sausages!

I wish I was losing a dress size per 10lbs as well!


Personal Trainer
On average they say 1stone = 1dress size :D

but it does depend on your tone etc

i am 12st 3lb atm, and 5ft 7, i am in a size 10/12 but i have a large frame....i lift alot of weights. I am in the middle of an experiment...i am training to run a half marathon, so leaving the weights for now and just doing cardio work...so weight seems to be coming off :D

you should try combining with exercise for the best results :D

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