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What sort of weight loss is normal for the first 3 months?


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I've decided, after my questions yesterday, to start CD at the end of the month. This will give me 3 weeks to wean my baby from breastfeeding and means she'll have done over 12 months bf, not quite the 12-18 months I wanted to do but I'm happy with that all the same. I haven't been able to lose any weight while bf as it's really dropped my milk supply as soon as I've lost half a stone but I need to start losing weight now, feeding her has been a priority for 12 months but she needs a healthy mummy and that isn't me at the moment!

I'm going to start cd at the end of the month, we have been ttc and that's obviously going on hold while I do SS+, I was going to start working up through the plans after that and then start ttc as soon as able to again.

What kind of a weight loss can I hope for on the first 3 months? I'll have a look through my diary actually on here to see what I did last time but other experiences too would be gratefully appreciated!
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Guidelines say 1 stone per month (maybe slightly less on SS+), and usually a bit more than a stone in your first month. So over 3 stone would be realistic! Obviously everyone is different and loses at different rates etc.

Well done on breastfeeding for so long. I never managed to at all with either of my kiddies.

Good luck xxx


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Hi Sunflowers,
Good luck to you and well done on all that breastfeeding!
Just to say that I have been on CD exactly a month tomorrow, and have lost exactly 3 stone as of today. I did 9 weeks on SS and the last 2 on 810, which I suspect is fairly typical. I am a textbook case!

Good luck, it is so worth it. x
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Hi sunflower
well done for breastfeeding for that long.
generally agree with the others depending on how much you have to lose generally most people lose 1st and a half the first month and a stone a month thereafter. me and my friend have done CD twice and this has happened to both of us on both occasions
good luck with your journey


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Wow, I'd forgotten how good the losses are! I've booked to see a cdc at the end of the month so, until then, I guess it's preparation as much as I'm able to and weaning! She's not having many feeds a day now she's having so much more food, but she still has night feeds so I think these will be the first to try and go!
Hiya sunflower...
well done at making a difficult decision....
I had to give up feeding all my little ones (medical reasons) and hated it but one midwife said to me something that made a lot of sense...
She said....
It's ok giving your baby the best with breast, but if by breast feeding you are making yourself ill physically or emotionally, then your baby is not getting the best at all...

This made a lot of sense....

And in your case obviously your excess weight is causing you a lot of heartache, and babies pick up on the stress... so now is as good a time to stop as any, especially when baby has had such a fantastic start...

Anyway... i have lost almost 2 stone in 6 weeks... so hope to be slightly above the three stones by the end of 3 months....

It goes so fast so fasten your seatbelt!



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well done on bfing for 12 months. I never managed 12 days never mind months. I am on week 7 and have lost a little short of 2stone so far on SS. 3stone is reasonable/acheivable


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It depends how much you have to lose as well.I've lost 4 stone 1 in 9 weeks, but then I started off with 12 stone 12 to lose :(


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tilly you are the exact same weight and height as me so that's great to see how you've done so far, well done! And yes, I agree with what you've said there and it's something I say to mums too (I'm a mw too!)

Wow PP, a great loss there!!


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Oh my goodness rose, that's amazing! You must be really noticing it now?! Congratulations!


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Just wanted to say well done for bf for that amount of time thats fab.. good on you!!
& also good luck on your cd journey.
I am on my 13 week and have lost 46 pounds..... & loving it.
Good luck........ x

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