What supplementary booklets would you advise?


Sliced and diced!!!
I am starting SW (Green Days) next weeks and just wanted to know what extra books offer the best tips/syns advice, especially for a busy nightworker like me?

OK, let me rephrase that, as it sounds dodgy :D

I work nights and need easy/fast solutions when short of time... :)

The lady told me about a Tesco's SW book that apparantly is really helpful... anyone seen/read it?

If anyone has any recommendations, then I would be really thankful...


Hiya chick,

I've never seen or heard of a Tesco recipe book, but I do know at SW meetings they sell Tesco shopping guides where you can see the syn values of Tesco products. They also do one for Sainsbury's, Asda & Marks too. Aswell as that they sell a big food directory that has info about all the supermarkets in.

I find there's alot of cooking involved with SW if you want to stick to syn free meals and have your syns on nice stuff like choccies or wine, so in that case I hightly recommend the free branded foods book. That way if you're tired you can always make sure you have some tins or packets of syn free food ready to go, without having to cook meals from scratch. Other than that if you're working shifts you might need to batch cook & freeze meals.

Hope this helps!

Kate x